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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Upper Plus

I have finally had a chance to do all of the P90X PLUS DVDs, the last one being the Upper Plus. This workout is fun! It is also quite a challenge and had a lot of new moves! One of my favorites was called "Double Dips" and you take two chairs about two feet apart and do first a push up with one arm on each chair, then swing through and do a triceps dip. You repeat this for the time given(I think it was about two minutes)

As common in the P90X workouts, there were plenty of push ups and pull ups, but they all had a new twist making things interesting and very challenging.

When I first started P90X I hated the days we did push-ups, probably because I could only do five on my toes. Now I can do four times that amount and love them! I love the variety, I never had any idea there were so many ways to do push-ups. I really have come to believe that push-ups have to be one of the very best all around exercises, working several body parts at a time with so many different ways to do them, hitting body parts at different angles.

I have to say that overall I am really impressed with this series and think they make a nice addition to the P90X series. Again, these are for P90X graduates, not recommended for those who haven't yet completed P90X.

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