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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yoga Booty Ballet Pure and Simple

After trying and reviewing Yoga Booty Ballet and liking it for what it was(a workout program, not necessarily a Yoga routine) I thought I would try the Pure and Simple Yoga to see if it more fit what I am looking for which is a short, to the point straight forward Yoga routine.

I hate to say it, but I am highly disappointed in this one for several reasons. First, for someone like me who loves the poses and stretches of Yoga but tends to shy away from the New Age type stuff that can creep up in Yoga, this one had just a bit too much of that in it. The first several minutes were focusing on our intention, speaking our intention, then all through the workout I kept hearing about our intention, energy, blah, blah ,blah... Not only the content of what the instructor was saying, but HOW MUCH she was saying. Just far too much chattiness for a Yoga class.

Secondly, I believe Yoga is most beneficial when the poses are held for a period of time, at least three long breaths. This moved far too quickly, moving from one pose to the next before good form could even be attained in the first.

The flow was also choppy. It felt like a series of poses quickly, and sloppily thrown together, rather than a nice flow, gracefully moving from one sequence to the next like you get in Rodney Yee's and others programs.

I LOVE Beachbody products, and for the most part have only had positive things to say about each program I've tried. I feel sorry that I can't say much if anything positive about this one, it just falls short all around.

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