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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How Would I Explain?

Those who have read here for the past couple of years have watched us try to dig our way out of debt and I've shared about the things we've given up to help us reach our financial goals. Things like the Cable TV, my energy drinks I am so fond of, video club memberships and more.

While we still have a large amount of debt we are working on paying off, we have paid off close to half! That's the good news. The bad news is as our finances have improved a little as a result, those "extras" we had given up to help us reach those goals, have managed to sneak their way back into our lives and budget.

While we can afford them and still pay our bills, I can't help but think how much better off we'd be if we hadn't added them back in and kept applying that money to our bills.

Then there's the whole issue of my Haiti trip. I almost was thinking about not going until all my debt is paid and I can more comfortably afford the trip. Then one of my little girls wrote a letter about how she was praying I would come and that "God would sustain her life so she could meet me."

How could I tell this precious little girl that I can't come because I can't afford it, but I COULD afford a $3.00 a day energy drink habit, cable TV, satellite radio and other stupid luxuries I really don't need? How could I ever explain my energy drink habit to a little girl who probably has had to eat mud biscuits just to fill her tummy?

How would I explain to my God how I used the money he provided us with?

Here I spend a crazy amount of money on fitness videos and special supplements to control my weight and look my best and in other countries all over the world, some as close as Haiti people are literally starving from not enough to eat, yet I am buying products to counter the results of my over eating?

I certainly have to get my priorities in order once again! I guess I have more New Years goals than I first thought!

1 comment:

mary grace said...

I love your perspective.

As for your trip ... I'd go.