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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Secret" Family Recipes

I LOVE to cook, I especially love to bake. Baking to me is the ultimate stress reliever, unfortunately, so is tasting my own creations(so there lies the truth in my workout addiction!)! I love to cook and bake for others and I just love compliments and can't think of a better compliment, then being asked for the recipe for the dish I made.

I happily share all my recipes as I enjoy knowing people liked what I made enough that they want to make it themselves. Also, most of my recipes were handed down to me either from friends and family or from magazines, books and even the web!

It seems odd to me that many don't or rather, wont share their recipes with others. Several years ago a very good friend of mine made some chocolate mocha truffles for me as a Christmas gift. These things were heavenly! I had never tasted anything so good, so of course I asked for the recipe. I was shocked when she refused. She said it was her sisters recipe and she has promised not to share it and would honor that promise. For years she refused to share that recipe until one day after being inspired by an act of kindness by someone else, the sister finally called and said my dear friend could share the recipe with me. Funny thing is, grateful as I was, I to this day have never made it.

I thought this was incredibly odd as I never before had been refused a recipe, or ever since. Last Sunday at church I was the refreshment server and made my favorite Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins and was delighted to receive many compliments on them! I overheard a few women asking if they thought I'd share the recipe and I was thinking "Of course I will, just ask!" Why wouldn't I?

A little bit later one woman comes and very humbly asks, and while trying to figure out why she seemed almost afraid to ask, I told her I'd bring the recipe the following week. After speaking with her, it turns out she had a very similar experience to mine while asking for a recipe in the past. Then several of the ladies joined in and it seems everyone has at least once experienced a cook who wouldn't share a recipe!

I understand that some recipes are "family" recipes that get passed down through the generations and are special, my Grandmas Chicken Noodles are like that as are my favorite Aunts Carne Secca. But, why not share and let other families enjoy those special meals as well? What good is that "special" recipe if something happens to you and it goes with you to the grave before you passed it on to your loved ones?

As one of the ladies at my church said "sharing your recipes means a part of you continues to live on even after you're long gone."

As mentioned I LOVE sharing my recipes, and do so on my cooking blog. While it doesn't get updated as often as this blog, most all my favorites are there. COOKING SIMPLY.

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Christy said...

I don't get this either! A friend of mine gave me a recipe for chicken wings which I shared with another neighbor. When my friend found out she got mad. Seriously? It's a compliment! Oh well... :-)