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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Missionaries America??

One of our favorite parts of homeschooling is our read a loud time. We like to read biographies of Christian heroes and missionaries as well as biographies of those who lived and died to help form this great country of ours.

Lately we've been reading a lot of biographies of missionaries to China, as we are studying China right now. We are enjoying them all, and more often than not when read a loud time is done for the day, the kids literally beg for me to read more.

Thursday as we were wrapping our week up early my ten year old made a comment that made me stop and think for a moment: "Why are we worrying about sending all of these missionaries to China? It seems we need missionaries here in America more."

Wow.....from a ten year old. The sad truth is he's right. I was just surprised he was clearly able to see what so many much older than him don't. America is supposedly a Christian nation. At least it was at one time. It is hard to deny that Christianity played a huge role in our founding days. Is it still a Christian nation? I would like to think so, but looking at our media, schools, and government, I think it is reasonable to have some serious doubts about that.

I am thinking my sweet dear ten year old is wise beyond his short years.

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