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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Resolutions?

I typically do not make New Years resolutions, but this year I do have a few.

What about you? Do you have any?

If yours happens to be a fitness or weight loss related goal, maybe we can help each other out. Let me explain. My goals are:

1. To save enough money to make a 2011 Compassion trip to Haiti to meet two of my sponsored children and see the work Compassion is doing in Haiti.

2. To continue to try and learn the Creole language before going.

So, if my goal is to make it to Haiti(which considering my current financial situation is a pretty tall order!) and yours is to lose weight, how can we help each other?

Well, if you would visit my Beachbody Website I can help you pick the program that would be best for you, be your personal coach helping you and cheering you on along your way to reaching your goals, and in return I will use ALL profits to fund my Haiti trip.

You will see that at the top of my blog I have a ticker showing what I need(this amount covers the costs due to Compassion for the trip, I will still need airfare to Miami, my passport and extra funds to buy items to take to the orphanages and centers we will be visiting) As my trip gets funded I will update this ticker so you can see our progress!

Not only will you be helping yourself to a happier and healthier you, but you will be helping make my dream come true and be making two little Haitian girls VERY happy!

Of course details and photos of my trip will be posted here as well so you can see what you helped contribute to!

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