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Friday, January 15, 2010

Not The News I Was Hoping For & More

I will start by sharing what I know and don't know about my two sponsored children in Haiti, as I have had many calls and emails about them. I do know for a fact that Islamine, the younger of the girls was indeed in an affected area. I do not know whether her or her family have been injured and how they are doing. I am VERY worried and praying much for them.

I don't know anything about Sarafina. I can't find her location on the MAP provided by Compassion. From what I know about where she lives and with a friends help comparing that on the map, it appears she is either right in the affected area or just slightly out of it, but it is just a semi-educated guess. We are praying for her and her family as well.

Both girls and their families have been struggling with health problems and injuries prior to this, which only adds to the worries.

My thoughts have been all over the place since this event happened. While this is a horrible, tragic crisis, I am hoping that some good can come of it. It seems nearly everyone now knows who Haiti is, and I am hoping more will take an active interest in the ongoing plight of it's people and want to help beyond just these new immediate needs. You'd be surprised how many people I've talked to in the past that didn't even know where Haiti is. I mean it's practically in your back yard if you live in Florida!

I have been pleasantly surprised at the quickness of private agencies as well as governmental agencies in arranging and trying to get help to the desperate people of Haiti. I am disappointed at some of my conservative counter parts and their reactions to President Obama's swiftness in responding to this emergency and in the negative comments I've read online about Former President Clinton's ongoing interest in Haiti, not to mention the cruel, negative comments about Haiti itself.

It's no secret that I am NOT an Obama supporter and it probably wouldn't surprise most of my readers to know that I was not a Clinton supporter either. As far as politics go, there is little I can find to agree on, with either one of these men. But Clinton has slowly earned some of my respect this past year or so as I've learned about his interest in Haiti, and the work he's done there, WITHOUT the cameras. One of his last trips I only knew about thanks to the BBC news, as America's news never reported it. That speak volumes to me! He does what he does for Haiti out of a love of the country not for media attention. Obama in my opinion did what he should have done in this case. Sure, he screwed up on the Fort Hood incident which I wrote about as it happened. I certainly haven't approved of much he has done(or NOT done) since he's been in office, but this isn't the time for me or anyone else to be arguing his politics, this is a time to reach out and help our fellow man.

Last night as I watched Fox News and this morning as I read readers comments on some Fox articles I was just heart sick. The attitude of so many towards reaching out and helping Haiti is just saddening. One of my favorite Fox News commentators lost a lot of respect in my eyes as she said we shouldn't be helping them as they don't want to help themselves and other such comments. Anyone who knows anything about Haiti knows that most Haitians aren't in a position to help themselves, and DO want to learn how to do so, but need help, even before this crisis.

Those who commented nasty things online about Clinton's help to Haiti are just as bad. Using this as an opportunity to bash the former president and saying horrible things about a suffering country. Sure, Haiti is not a pleasant place to live and certainly isn't a island resort where many would willingly travel to, but that makes her people no less lovable or worthy of help. The people there like people everywhere are someones mothers, fathers, and children.

Sure, there are important questions to be asked about some of the politics of this, but LATER, not now. Now is the time to reach out to our fellow man who is in desperate need of help.

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Bill Cooney said...

My fingers are crossed, and the energy of my hopeful thoughts are with your two sponsorees in Haiti.

This was an especially good post of yours, I thought. The constructive aspects of your conservatism come through clearly. And do understand, as a poud liberal, I am well aware of the need for moderate and, as I say, constructive conservatism in our political dialog.

It concerns me that the voices of immoderation and intolerance may wrest control of the Republican Party. We could use more people like Senators Orin Hatch and Ted Kennedy—adversaries who knew how to disagree without being disagreeable.

When some of us liberals say, "they've gone off the deep end," rest assured, for the most part, we are talking about mindless demagogues like Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachman, Ann Coulter, etc. And just as the moderate conservatives of earlier times who knew enough to get together and denounce the wingnuts of the John Birch Society, so too (in my opinion, of course) must today's forward-thinking, reasonable conservatives disassociate themselves from those who are attempting to mask their racist discontent for the new president with little more than obscene utterances.

I apologize for talking politics in this thread. You're right. Let's push our representatives to do the right thing for Haiti.

[I read something about French president Nicolas Sarkozy pushing for an international symposium to address the long-tern status of Haiti. Thought this was interesting.]