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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Day After Tomorrow

After many long months of anticipation and waiting, the big day is almost here. The day after tomorrow my oldest son leaves us to go begin a new phase of his life serving in the U.S. Navy. What a mixed array of feelings we are all experiencing; Pride, excitement, nervousness, sadness over the thought of missing him and more.

Last night was his going away party. Many friends and family came, as well as several of our church family, many who are Veterans, some proudly wearing symbols identifying themselves as such, and with plenty of interesting stories to tell!

The biggest surprise of the evening was when my mother in law showed up all the way from North Carolina. How the rest of the family kept that a secret from us, I will never know, but we were completely and pleasantly surprised.

The hardest part for me is keeping my emotions in check. I am not known for being an overly emotional person, even those closet to me rarely have seen me cry, and here I find myself constantly on the verge of tears and not able to quite place why. I am excited for my son, VERY proud of him and completely at peace with his decision to serve his country, so I am not quite sure where these moments of emotion are coming from.

Here are some random photos of the event, posted in no particular order thanks to blogger being a bit difficult with managing photos for some reason.
Mostly family, just visiting:

Church friends and Austin who started the evening with ONE balloon and as you will soon see, ended with so many we thought he'd fly away!

Andrew with the cake his Dad decorated!

Andrew and his Dad

Andrew and his Grandmother and his peskier little brother.

Andrew and his Mom

Andrew collecting addresses of friends.

Austins ever growing balloon bouquet

Andrew and his good friends
So, the day after tomorrow will bring change for us all. For Andrew it will mark the beginning of his adult life away from home and the beginning of his long desired Military Career in the Navy. For us it will be watching our oldest son leave home. For his brothers, they are just all beaming with pride that THEIR older brother is IN the Navy. Austin, I am afraid will be a bit lost without his favorite uncle/brother, and just a little less spoiled.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Would It Still Be A Bad Idea?

It seems many are concerned about Michelle Obama's cause, childhood obesity and her Let's Move Program. I have heard many scream that the last thing we need is the government telling us how to eat, where to shop, etc..

It should come as no surprise I am NOT an Obama supporter. I respect him and pray for him as our president, and teach my kids to do the same, but I find little I agree with him on in regards to policy's and such. But my feelings on his issues aside, why the uproar over his wife's cause? Each first lady has had a cause they took on during their husbands term as president. I found THIS interesting photo essay of several first ladies and their causes.

What is it exactly that have so many upset about this particular cause? Obesity is a huge problem in America(no pun intended!) 1 in 3 children are overweight or obese. Looking at the general population on any day out shopping or elsewhere, I'd say it is probably higher for the adult population. Obesity causes many, many dangerous health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, to name just a few.

With PE being taken out of most public schools and very few safe places for children to play outdoors, and junk food being so easily affordable and accessible while good healthy food is more expensive and at times harder to prepare, it doesn't seem America's weight problems are going to disappear without some education and awareness.

If this was Laura Bush's cause, would it still be a bad idea? I hate to think people are that narrow minded to throw out a good cause just because it came from "the other side." Maybe I am missing something. I don't believe other First Ladies causes resulted in more government intrusion in our lives beyond education at our schools such as the "Just Say No" campaign and more literacy programs. Were those dangerous? Is this any more dangerous than those?

I personally can get behind this cause, I think it is an important one. Unless someone can show me how educating families on healthy eating and healthy lifestyles is going to result in more government intrusion in my life, I will stand behind the First Lady on this one!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Not Just Vanity

I have been accused of exercising/working out, and eating right out of vanity. Sure, I desire to look the best I can, but my reasoning behind doing what I do goes much deeper than the surface.

First and foremost, I am trying to avoid the health problems and young death(at 60) that my mother suffered due to years of poor eating habits, drinking and smoking, not to mention complete lack of any physical activity.

At 5′1" and barely 100 lbs no one would have suspected she had the heart problems she did. I want to be around much longer than 60 years to see my kids, grandkids and great grandchildren all grow up!

Secondly, while I like looking in the mirror and liking what I see, that is just a nice side effect of all I do. My real joy comes from actually feeling myself get stronger each and every day. I just love my kids reactions to these positive changes, they make it all the worth while…

Just the other day my 10 year old was wondering how he was going to feed the chickens as the new bag of feed was up on the property near the house, and the chicken coop is on the other end and big brother and dad were both gone.

I figured we could team up and get it down there together. 40lbs of food, hmmm… yup it will take team work for sure, or so I thought!

I picked that bag up like it was nothing and slung it over my shoulder and carried it down to the other end of the property without even breaking a sweat, feeling like it was heavy or anything! I felt pretty good about that and smiled to myself, but my son really made my day.

"Wow Mom" You are SO strong! Wow, how can you do that, wow… he was so impressed!

The next day while I was working out, he was looking over my weights and announced that I clearly need heavier weights as I am SO strong!

Sure, I like fitting into my "skinny" jeans, but the awe and respect of the four young men I am raising, and knowing I am capable of handling tasks around here that require strength, and knowing that all of these positive changes are going to keep me on this earth a bit longer than my mother was here, those are the real reasons I keep doing what I do

Monday, February 15, 2010

Children ARE a Blessing!

“The Bible calls debt a curse and children a blessing. But our culture applies for curses and rejects blessings.” ~ Doug Phillips

Last year I wrote a post based on the above quote, and once again I have this quote stuck in my mind this past day or two for reasons I wont go into right now.

I know sometimes a pregnancy can come by surprise and the timing can be more than inconvenient. It seems the popular solution these days is to end the pregnancy. This makes me so sad, as I personally know so many couples who would love nothing more than to be parents but are physically unable to do so. While an unexpected pregnancy may not be a blessing to you, it can be a HUGE blessing to someone else.

I find it sad and maybe even hypocritical that those that are most in favor of abortion are the same who are opposed to the death penalty for dangerous criminals. So, it's not okay to execute a child rapist/murderer, but it's okay to kill a child in the womb? I am sorry, I don't get that thinking at all.

I know there are cases where a murderer can be charged with a double homicide if they kill a pregnant woman, yet that same woman can kill her own baby and be given a pat on the back or even a hug, not to mention have it paid for by tax payer dollars.

The fact we even need safe, legal abortions shows what a sad world we really live in, but then to add in the above thought processes of the general public....sigh...I don't even know what to say.

Don't Let Sin Consume You!

I saw this on a couple of different blogs a few weeks back, and can't get it out of my mind, so thought I'd share it here. LINK for those having trouble viewing here.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Zip It!!

Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence.~George Washington

I have learned this lesson the hard way the last few days. I wont go into details here, let me just say I trusted the wrong person with the wrong information and it could come back to haunt me legally and emotionally.

It never ceases to amaze me that women in particular feel like they have to share everything with new friends even before they know them very well. We just seem so open, at our own undoing sometimes.

I am pretty open, and don't keep too many dark secrets in my closet. Not that I don't have a jaded past or anything, I just pretty much lay it out there for all to see with a take it or leave it attitude.

This circumstance is a bit different as I trusted someone I should have known better to just because of her position in the relationship, with information that wasn't about me in particular. Unfortunately this could come back to hurt me and someone rather close to me.

This was a relationship that would have been better off left at a superficial and "courteous" level, yet that pesky woman in me opened up and let this person in closer than she had earned. A mistake I wont soon repeat anytime again in the near future.

At least I hope not. What is it about us women that do such foolish things in relationships? I wont even use the word friendships, as a friendship is something that takes time and trust to develop whereas a relationship is something we immediately have with any person placed in our lives for whatever purpose. It seems we woman sometimes have a hard time distinguishing the difference. I am sure there are men who do the same, but not as many. Men are naturally a bit more guarded generally speaking.

Women on the other hand, want to share EVERYTHING and often within the first ten minutes of meeting someone! I can't tell you how many times I've been at social events, even church and met a new person(a woman!) and been told their whole life story and that of everyone else in their life within minutes, sometimes before even getting their name!
I am usually much more guarded than that, but guilty of telling more than most want to know myself.

I love being a woman for the most part. I love wearing pretty dresses, painting my toe nails hot pink and being a mommy, but PMS and this terrible fault most of us seem to suffer from, makes me really hate it sometimes......