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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Day After Tomorrow

After many long months of anticipation and waiting, the big day is almost here. The day after tomorrow my oldest son leaves us to go begin a new phase of his life serving in the U.S. Navy. What a mixed array of feelings we are all experiencing; Pride, excitement, nervousness, sadness over the thought of missing him and more.

Last night was his going away party. Many friends and family came, as well as several of our church family, many who are Veterans, some proudly wearing symbols identifying themselves as such, and with plenty of interesting stories to tell!

The biggest surprise of the evening was when my mother in law showed up all the way from North Carolina. How the rest of the family kept that a secret from us, I will never know, but we were completely and pleasantly surprised.

The hardest part for me is keeping my emotions in check. I am not known for being an overly emotional person, even those closet to me rarely have seen me cry, and here I find myself constantly on the verge of tears and not able to quite place why. I am excited for my son, VERY proud of him and completely at peace with his decision to serve his country, so I am not quite sure where these moments of emotion are coming from.

Here are some random photos of the event, posted in no particular order thanks to blogger being a bit difficult with managing photos for some reason.
Mostly family, just visiting:

Church friends and Austin who started the evening with ONE balloon and as you will soon see, ended with so many we thought he'd fly away!

Andrew with the cake his Dad decorated!

Andrew and his Dad

Andrew and his Grandmother and his peskier little brother.

Andrew and his Mom

Andrew collecting addresses of friends.

Austins ever growing balloon bouquet

Andrew and his good friends
So, the day after tomorrow will bring change for us all. For Andrew it will mark the beginning of his adult life away from home and the beginning of his long desired Military Career in the Navy. For us it will be watching our oldest son leave home. For his brothers, they are just all beaming with pride that THEIR older brother is IN the Navy. Austin, I am afraid will be a bit lost without his favorite uncle/brother, and just a little less spoiled.

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