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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Not Just Vanity

I have been accused of exercising/working out, and eating right out of vanity. Sure, I desire to look the best I can, but my reasoning behind doing what I do goes much deeper than the surface.

First and foremost, I am trying to avoid the health problems and young death(at 60) that my mother suffered due to years of poor eating habits, drinking and smoking, not to mention complete lack of any physical activity.

At 5′1" and barely 100 lbs no one would have suspected she had the heart problems she did. I want to be around much longer than 60 years to see my kids, grandkids and great grandchildren all grow up!

Secondly, while I like looking in the mirror and liking what I see, that is just a nice side effect of all I do. My real joy comes from actually feeling myself get stronger each and every day. I just love my kids reactions to these positive changes, they make it all the worth while…

Just the other day my 10 year old was wondering how he was going to feed the chickens as the new bag of feed was up on the property near the house, and the chicken coop is on the other end and big brother and dad were both gone.

I figured we could team up and get it down there together. 40lbs of food, hmmm… yup it will take team work for sure, or so I thought!

I picked that bag up like it was nothing and slung it over my shoulder and carried it down to the other end of the property without even breaking a sweat, feeling like it was heavy or anything! I felt pretty good about that and smiled to myself, but my son really made my day.

"Wow Mom" You are SO strong! Wow, how can you do that, wow… he was so impressed!

The next day while I was working out, he was looking over my weights and announced that I clearly need heavier weights as I am SO strong!

Sure, I like fitting into my "skinny" jeans, but the awe and respect of the four young men I am raising, and knowing I am capable of handling tasks around here that require strength, and knowing that all of these positive changes are going to keep me on this earth a bit longer than my mother was here, those are the real reasons I keep doing what I do

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