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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Would It Still Be A Bad Idea?

It seems many are concerned about Michelle Obama's cause, childhood obesity and her Let's Move Program. I have heard many scream that the last thing we need is the government telling us how to eat, where to shop, etc..

It should come as no surprise I am NOT an Obama supporter. I respect him and pray for him as our president, and teach my kids to do the same, but I find little I agree with him on in regards to policy's and such. But my feelings on his issues aside, why the uproar over his wife's cause? Each first lady has had a cause they took on during their husbands term as president. I found THIS interesting photo essay of several first ladies and their causes.

What is it exactly that have so many upset about this particular cause? Obesity is a huge problem in America(no pun intended!) 1 in 3 children are overweight or obese. Looking at the general population on any day out shopping or elsewhere, I'd say it is probably higher for the adult population. Obesity causes many, many dangerous health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, to name just a few.

With PE being taken out of most public schools and very few safe places for children to play outdoors, and junk food being so easily affordable and accessible while good healthy food is more expensive and at times harder to prepare, it doesn't seem America's weight problems are going to disappear without some education and awareness.

If this was Laura Bush's cause, would it still be a bad idea? I hate to think people are that narrow minded to throw out a good cause just because it came from "the other side." Maybe I am missing something. I don't believe other First Ladies causes resulted in more government intrusion in our lives beyond education at our schools such as the "Just Say No" campaign and more literacy programs. Were those dangerous? Is this any more dangerous than those?

I personally can get behind this cause, I think it is an important one. Unless someone can show me how educating families on healthy eating and healthy lifestyles is going to result in more government intrusion in my life, I will stand behind the First Lady on this one!

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Red said...

I have not read up on her cause, but it doe snot take a rocket scientist to realize that we are indeed gecoming a nation of fat people, and to the point of being morbidly obese. And if we cannot catch them in childhood then our ever growing (no pun intended) population will soon become obese adults.

I appluad her cause and hope she can get through at lease a few of those who are on a path of self-destruction.