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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Anchors Away(almost!)

Yesterday we dropped off our oldest son at his recruiters and he was to drive down to MEPS and leave early this AM to boot camp. Of course, nothing is ever quite that simple. There seems to be some delay and he wont be leaving until tomorrow morning now, but can't come home either. He didn't seem too disappointed to have an extra night out in a major California city with a group of guys, but I know he is quite anxious to get to boot camp and begin this new phase of his life.

The day brought all kinds of emotions and feelings for the rest of us. From feeling like it was all okay, to wanting to cry, to just feeling kind of empty, and everything in between.

I do have to say though, there is a certain satisfaction in sending a child off into the world knowing you raised them the best you could and gave the all the tools they will need to succeed. This isn't the first of our children to leave home, but he is the first that we felt confident would succeed in whatever he chose to do with his life.

Because of the medical/mental/emotional issues of our other adult child, we never got to go through the natural processes of parenting and stages leading up to this day: getting a drivers license, graduating school, and so on. It is a HUGE blessing and big comfort to go through those steps and know the child you are sending off is truly ready to begin their adult life.

So, while we already miss him something awful, we do take comfort in that this is just the next natural step in the parenting process and that we really feel he is more than ready for this step. Not to mention we are incredibly proud of his choice to serve his country!

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