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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Guess It Wasn't That Bad After All....

My oldest son was homeschooled from the time he was in first grade(we took him out of public school the second semester) all the way through high school. There were plenty of times he felt he was missing out on something by being at home. There were the clubs, prom, social activities, ROTC, sports and other things that the public school offered that I just couldn't replicate here at home.

For high school we did give him the option to attend the local public school and even went as far as talking to the guidance counselor, principle and others. In the end he decided at least academically I could provide more for him here at home.

I've always wondered if he ever regretted that decision, especially now that he is in a classroom setting for the first time in his Hospital Corpsman training.

Today, I think I got my answer.....

We've been considering putting our toddler in a local Christian Preschool this Fall because he seems to be struggling a little in social situations and we thought regular exposure to people other than us, in a setting other than home and church where he is very comfortable may help(I can't believe, me, a 13 year veteran homeschooler was actually worried about the old "socialization" issue!)

Well, thanks to some health issues it appears it probably wouldn't be a good idea to put him in preschool. I was telling my son about this today, and he was blown away I was even considering preschool and asked why, and I explained, and he said, "school is just going to make those kinds of problems worse." Then he proceeded to give me advice on how to arrange more social situations for our toddler without putting him in school. He was very adamant about it too!

It just feels good to know that know that now that his schooling at home is all done, he still thinks homeschooling is the best educational option for his brothers! And he must have learned a thing or two during those years here at home, as he is doing very well in his school academically and socially and has developed into quite a nice young man...Sailor!

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