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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spiders, Centipedes, and Worms, Oh My!

I was just thinking this morning how much I've changed since I first moved out to the country about thirteen years ago. I was just hopping out of the shower this morning and my kids were screaming that there was a black widow spider running loose in the house. I don't think they appreciated my unconcerned response to just get a shoe and swat it. Really, it's just a spider. It's not like it's going to quadruple in size, evade the shoe, and jump up and bite you! I was a bit irritated at their border line hysteria over the situation.

Me, I would just swat it and be done with it, but they have to make this huge scene over a silly little spider. Then they have to talk about it for the next several hours. Boys....(rolling eyes)

I haven't always been so calm in such matters though. Thirteen years ago I would have and did put on scenes quite similar to the boys or worse! A bee would fly in the house and I'd run out side screaming(where there are hundreds more!) Now I just let them be until they decide to fly back out.

Spiders have never bothered me much but anything else that creeps, crawls or flies and has six or more legs would cause me to go into full blown hysterics running and screaming until someone would come and remedy the situation. Now you will find me often just picking up insects with my bare hands and relocating them outside, or in the case of poisonous or venomous critters, swatting them with a shoe or magazine!

I never would have believed it if you told me thirteen years ago that I could sit in the same room with a bee buzzing around my head for hours and not be hysterical.

There are still less than a handful of critters that will get a reaction from me. They wont send me into a wild scene, but you wont find me volunteering to be the one to get rid of them.

Centipedes, Scorpions and Tomato Worms; yuck, yuck and yuckier!! I just can't bring myself to even swat a centipede or scorpion. I will however, not so calmly and while shaking quite a bit, get a jar and get them in there and make the kids take it outside. Tomato worms are a whole other story. They just gross me out more than you can imagine. They are odd not so little critters too. They hiss when you try to kill them. They just give me the creeps BIG TIME! Until this last year I'd just pay the older kids a dollar a worm to get rid of them. But with finances being tighter, I decided to try and get over my fear and tough it up and do the deed myself. I can now manage the smaller ones myself, but still pay the kids to rid my plants of the larger ones.

What has changed in these thirteen years to make me less afraid of all the creepy crawlies? They are still just as creepy today as they were back then. They haven't changed. I don't think I really have myself that much either. I think it's just the constant exposure. Each time of being exposed and having to deal with the situation at hand made it less yucky than the time before, until finally in most cases it got to where they really don't' bother me at all anymore.

In the case of the insects the repeated exposure has been a good thing. I just wonder how many negatives we allow in our lives as well that we would have never dreamed of, had it not been for the constant exposure making us comfortable with less than noble or moral thoughts, ideas and images? Makes me think of the old children church hymn; Be Careful Little Eyes What You See.


Jana said...


Not me, I don't care how long I live. I will still leave home if a bee gets in the house. I detest water bugs, especially when they fly..... I am gone, gone, GONE !!

Will return when hubby is off work and has gotten rid of the offending bug. LOL

Cory & Kris Thede said...

Hi from Haiti a land that also has bugs. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am that your compassion gals are OK. Did you ever find out where Papette is? If is is in the South close to Petit Goave I went there for a post-earthquake clinic. God Bless, Kris [Fauche]