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Sunday, May 30, 2010

P90X A Year Later

Next month it has been one year since I started P90X. As you can see from my not so flattering "Before" photo below, I didn't have a lot of weight to lose, but definitely needed some toning and defining.

A year later, I have nearly met my goals. I have toned up a bit. Now I am working on gaining some muscle, especially in my biceps.

P90X works, as most any good program will, the key is to actually DOING the work laid out for you. Many people eagerly start a new program and give it their best for 1-2 weeks then give up when they don't see those results appear as fast as they think they should.

Remember, you didn't become overweight or out of shape overnight. Don't expect to get in great shape overnight!

Also while P90X is touted as a 90 day program, and you will see some great results in those 90 days, any program is really a lifestyle change. The 90 days is to help you create new, healthy habits, but it really is about a lifestyle of maintaining those new habits. You can't expect to workout hard and eat great for 90 days then go back to your unhealthy lifestyle and think you're going to maintain those results!
To learn more about P90X, or the new Beachbody program Body Gospel or any Beachbody product, visit my Beachbody Coach Website. There is still plenty of time to be swimsuit ready for the summer!

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