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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Patriot Guard Riders

I had never heard of these guys before this morning, but I had heard of the lowlifes they are protecting the families of our fallen heroes from. I am just sickened that these sickos at Westboro Baptist Church even call themselves Christians. They are so full of hate and ignorance, which is so anti-christian, that I really don't understand how they get away with calling themselves Christians.

But this post isn't about them, they don't deserve anymore attention than they already get. It is because of those same fallen heroes whose funerals they protest that they have the freedom to protest, like I said they're just ignorant.

The heroes here are these guys known as The Patriot Guard Riders. They go to the same funerals that the Westboro Sickos are protesting and put up a barrier of sorts between the funeral procession and the protesters with flags so the family members don't have to see the hurtful signs and images the protesters are waving.

Other than this video below, I know nothing more of this group, but I do plan on looking into them some more. This is a group who I would like to assist in anyway possible. This is the group that should be getting the attention at these funerals, not the low life's of Westboro. I think the news and media should focus on them and not even give the Westboro idiots any media attention whatsoever!

Here's a LINK for those having trouble viewing the video here.

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