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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Does Size Really Matter?

It seems it does and I couldn't help but giggle a little when I was thinking about it these last couple of days.

It seems when it comes to technology, the smaller the better. Whether it be our Ipods, cells, laptops or anything else that you can plug in, the smaller the better. I have an older Ipod Video which I love. I like having a screen big enough to actually SEE the video I am trying to watch(especially now in my 40's when my eyes aren't as good as they used to be) But it seems to most, my Ipod isn't as valuable or even cool as the latest generation that are so little even my Ipods screen alone is bigger than the whole new device!

I remember when cell phones, back then; car phones first came out. Those things were HUGE!! Even bigger than most house phones of the day(does anyone really have a landline anymore?) Now most are so small, some can even fit in your ear.

Same thing with computers, back in highschool they still took up whole walls, now they can fit in a gals purse.

So, clearly smaller is a indication of better technology.

Then we have our food. The exact opposite is true here. The BIGGER the better. No one would dream of going to the golden arches and leaving with anything less than a SUPERSIZED meal! We know because it's bigger it must have more calories, fat and all that other stuff we really don't want or need, but somehow the eating out experience just isn't the same unless it's SUPERSIZED!

Even a simple thing like soda has evolved in size incredibly over the past 20 years or so. I remember being a young teen and a BIG GULP was a BIG deal! A whole 320z! What a treat! That was a huge amount of soda! Now, it's nothing. I don't know what the equivalint today is(I don't drink the stuff) but I know I see people all of the time leaving our local Circle K with soda cups that are no smaller than 64 or so ounces. That is probaly close to a whole days worth calories assuming you're drinking non-diet.

Homemade often isn't much better. Our plates have grown in size as well, meaning you can load even more food on!

Then people really wonder why our waist lines are growing?

Cars are interesting, because the "cool" ones go both ways. Some go for the big gas guzzlers like Suburbans and other SUV's, even if they only have 1.2 kids and never go off roading. While to others nothing is cooler than a small, cute little sports car! I mean who wants a boring, safe medium sized Sedan?

Which really is my point in all of this. Do you see a pattern? I sure do. Smaller gadgets going straight into our ears with their electomagnetic waves and other cancer causing who knows whats are preferred over larger, maybe safer models. BIG fat burgers and supersized fries and a mumbo jumbo soda which are laden with fat and calories that will eventually lead to heart disease and or obesity if enough is consumed is preferred over a "kid sized" meal which used to be the norm even for adults just years ago. Many prefer an air polluting, gas guzzling SUV or a not so safe if you're in an accident sports car, over a medium sized, yet I guess boring sedan.

In our world today we have lots of choices available to us and I think that is a good thing. It seems alot of our choices involve size. I just wonder whether we are consistently making the right choices for our health, the environment and our futures?

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Red said...

Truer words were never spoken sweety. I am with you all the way on this one.