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Monday, June 7, 2010

It's All About Me!!

Actually it's all about Kate, although I do believe the show is called Kate Plus Eight and of course prior to the messy public divorce it was John and Kate Plus Eight.

I watched this show faithfully the first season or two as Kate was someone I thought I could relate to. No, I don't have eight kids or any multiples, but she just seemed like an overwhelmed mom to many trying her best. She seemed real. She lost her temper sometimes, could be a little obsessive compulsive, but she was NORMAL.

While Mrs. Duggar from 2o and Counting is the type of mom I aspire to be, Kate was more like the kind of mom I am, for better or worse!

I quit watching a few seasons in as both Kate and the show seemed to change. No longer was it about the kids just being kids and Kate being a stay at home mom trying to stretch the family budget, it became to where every episode they were going on some sort of adventure to places most of us could never afford. Not that they didn't have a right to go there, but that's not why I was watching. I was watching a real life, large family I could relate to, and the show started to become something different than that.

They went from living in a house really to small for all of them( I can relate there too, squeezing six of us in under 1200 sq ft!) to living in a near mansion. They went from busy days at home to extravagant trips. They went from somewhat humble and modest clothing, toys, etc.. to an abundance of expensive goodies. With all of these changes in lifestyle I thought I noticed Kate becoming somewhat of a Diva.

I didn't watch the last season or two, so I really don't know what happened between her and John or any other changes in lifestyle, but out of boredom and lack of anything else better on and a bit of curiosity I watched the new season now entitled "Kate Plus Eight" last night.

Wow!! No mistaking it now, that woman has turned into a diva!! Oh my! Why on earth they call the show Kate Plus Eight is beyond me. It should just be Kate, All About Kate. Out of the hour it was on, I think we saw maybe 5 to 10 minutes of clips of the children. The rest was all about Kate, Kate, Kate......AHHHH!!!

The few minutes the kids were on she was on them about cleaning up, or eating properly or whatever other negatives she could seem to find about them.

I understand she is busy with their show, and the Dancing with the Stars show she did, and book signings and all, but you'd think the few, VERY brief moments she had with her children, she'd want to make them more positive.

Most of the show was her complaining about how hard her life is, how she is so misunderstood, how the rest of the world needs to come to a standstill so she can get her beauty rest and on and on about HER. I wonder if she has a clue how hard any of this is on her kids? Does she even care?

I don't mean to sound so harsh and judgemental towards her, I really don't. I don't know her whole situation, I don't know what she is thinking or feeling, I don't know how the editing is done. Are they showing the worse side of her only or are they showing the most positive they can find? What irks me is that TLC is making money on this families destruction. Clearly Kate isn't going to do the right thing and take her family out of the lime light, she really seems to love all the attention, even the negative, cause after all even negative attention is attention. But I wish TLC or Child Protective Services or somebody would do something and stop this mayhem.

Even better yet, people like myself should just stop tuning in. TLC only shows it because there are people still interested and tuning in. If it wasn't making them money they wouldn't air it.

I am all for big families and the blessing of many children, but I am afraid shows like this and even the Duggars as lovely as they seem is only going to create more attention seekers like Octomom who see large families or multiples as a way to get rich or famous.

I think that is the problem with all of these reality TV type shows that are so popular. That 15 minutes of fame comes so easily now and if you're bizarre enough, dysfunctional enough, or willing to sale your families privacy or your own personal pride for that 15 minutes and a few bucks you may get 30 minutes of fame out of the deal. Is it really worth it?

I know large families and those with multiples struggle financially with medical expenses from premature births and with suitable housing for a large family and other expenses, and I know we are all curious to see the daily workings of such families, but I really think the Duggars had it right when they just did a few specials. It was a good way to generate a little extra income to keep their heads above the water and give us all a peak, but still maintain a normal life the rest of the year. But like anything else, I suppose good enough is never enough when there is more to be had.

I sure hope we don't see a disaster with the Duggars or any of the other reality families TLC features in their shows like we have with John and Kate Plus Eight. In the end it is the children who will be effected by all of this the most, for the better or for the worse.

The only way to stop these types of shows from having the negative effect on these families that they already have had on John and Kate's is for us all to stop tuning in. While I am done with Kate, I do still have a curiosity about the Duggars, but I think I am done for now. I hope they maintain their integrity and strong family and spiritual values, I just refuse to give any more attention to these types of shows as I feel in the end they really are not healthy for the children or even mom and dad for that matter. Hopefully without an audience they wont be aired for much longer and the moms and dads can go back to just being parents and doing what we all do, which is work for a living rather than sell our children's childhood for an income. The kids can have for many of them, for the first time a normal childhood free of camera men in the house and a normal childhood with parents focused on them and their well being rather than playing Diva for the camera or being more outrageous for that extra buck or two or another 15 minutes of fame...

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Red said...

I never liked the sahow for one reason and one reason she talked to her husband.

She humiliated him on camera every blinking week. I was embarassed for him. She was rude and condescending. She should be ashamed of herself.