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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Natural Born Killers?

I probably knew it was coming sooner or later and should have been more prepared to better deal with it, but today for the first time since enlisting, rather than be thanked or acknowledged for his service to his country, my son was called.....a "killer." I must say I didn't deal with it too well. I got all mama bearish and quite defensive on a public social networking group.

I understand there are many who don't agree with or support this war. That is fine. To be completely honest, I am not sure where I stand on the war itself, but I do believe now that we are in the midst of it, we need to see it through to the end.

I understand we may not all agree on politics and such, whether we sway more to the right or left, conservative or liberal, or somewhere more in between. I try and keep an open mind and see all sides. I respect you and your opinion whether I agree with it or not.

What I don't and can't tolerate is disrespect to the service men and women who serve our country and fight for the freedoms you and I enjoy whether liberal or conservative, right or left! They fight for us ALL just the same.

Our service men and women didn't start this war. It is not their fault we are in it. Don't blame them for something they have no control over. If you want to blame someone, blame your politicians or those who commit acts of terror.

The war is happening, and because we have plenty of men and women who voluntarily serve, there is no draft. So those who don't want to serve aren't required to.

So, while you may not wish to support this war, PLEASE support your service men and women. It's because of them we are able to keep the freedoms we still have. It is because of them you or your sons and daughters don't have to serve in a war you don't believe in. If for nothing else, be thankful to them for that!

And please, keep in mind when you call our military personal "killer", "baby killer" and other degrading remarks, you are not only hurting them, but those who love them like a protective mother, wife or girlfriend.

From the bottom of my heart to all who have served and currently do serve: THANK YOU!!!

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Bill Cooney said...

It's no secret I approach politics from the left, but I couldn't agree with you more that the men and women who serve in the military do not deserve to be maligned in any way. These brave men and women are charged with carrying out the orders of duly elected and appointed leaders. If anyone doesn't believe the cause to be just, the thing to do is let his elected officials know how he feels—not question the honor or integrity of our soldiers.