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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Double Trouble!

Being the gluttons for punishment we are, we didn't get one, but TWO Chihuahuas! A friend of ours lives near a park, and I guess a lot of dogs are abandoned there. These two little girls were dumped there about 10 days ago. Animal Control said if they took them, they'd most likely be put to sleep as they are so overwhelmed with animals right now due to the economy. So, they found a home right here with us!

I was a little concerned at first, as I read that this breed of dog isn't very good with children, but as you can see by the above picture, that doesn't seem to be a problem at all!

This one is "Pixie." She's the more out going one of the two.

This one is "Tiny." She is a little more shy but VERY affectionate! She also doesn't seem to realize she is a little dog. She constantly is challenging our big dogs. We call her Tiny But Mighty. She does sound a bit intimidating!

We weren't looking for another dog, but alone two, and we certainly NEVER would have gone looking for Chihuahuas! But, we're glad they're here and we are really enjoying them. They fit right in, it feels like they've been here forever!

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