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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Plane Ticket in Hand!!

Finally, we got the call we've been waiting son will be coming home on Thursday! For sure this time as he has a plane ticket in his hand as I type this. We can hardly wait, we are all SO excited to see him.

Now, I have to try and plan this party thing all over again!!

Photos to come!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Favorite Things(Fitness Edition)

I had planned on getting to this the other day, but we have had a series of mini crisis's which I will share about at another time. I am so excited to share some of my fitness favorites, as fitness is one of my very favorite things!

I recall at one time, on here even I think, saying I HATED exercising at home in front of the TV with a video. I'd rather be in a martial arts class, hiking or doing something else active to stay fit. While that may still be my preference, I have discovered that thanks to P90X, working out at home with a DVD isn't such a bad thing after all! I actually like it! I can workout when I want, when I feel like it and am not stuck to any one else's schedule.

So, P90X would have to be my very favorite fitness find! Probably not a huge surprise to those of you that read here fairly often!

Beachbody which makes P90x is at the top of my list of favorites. They make all sorts of wonderful products. There really is something there for everybody whether you're a beginner exerciser or advanced, or somewhere in between. Unlike many fitness products that are either geared more towards men or usually women, Beachbody makes products for both! The support via the message boards and other resources make it a nice place to hang out and learn more about health and fitness. They offer 30 day free trial memberships and low cost regular memberships.

Almost tied for first with P90x, another of my very favorite fitness resources is There is SO much information and so many resources there that if you are interested in fitness you will spend hours there! Don't let the name fool you, while it is indeed a bodybuilding site per say, and there are lots of bodybuilders there, it is also an awesome resource for anyone interested in getting into great shape and improving your health. There are message boards, tons of informative articles on everything from exercises, nutrition, supplements and more! I find the "transformation" stories to be truly inspiring. There are many women's stories of those who gained lots of weight after children and never have been very active, who didn't begin exercising until their 30's, 40's and later who now look better than most 20 year olds! also has a great store to buy supplements at incredibly low prices, FAST shipping and they almost always throw in a little surprise in even small orders. I have been gifted with items such as razors, trial sized deodorants, vitamins, sample protein bars, powders and more! If you order $ 75 or more you get to choose from several nice free gifts!

Speaking of supplements, I will share some of my favorites that I regularly take. I always order from

A word about supplements though: There is no magic formula or pill for weight loss or big muscles or any other fitness goal. It really all boils down to eating right and exercising regularly. If you are doing those, you really don't need more than a good multi-vitamin and perhaps a protein powder. Other supplements can aid you in your goals if you are working hard, but it is only 5-10% of the whole picture, the rest is really hard work! You can't expect to get a shiny bottle of "fat burners" take them and go sit on the couch eating chips and think you're going to lose weight. Same goes for "muscle builders", still gotta lift those weights to build muscle!

For me because I am trying to build muscle and also eat very little meat or eggs I do rely on a good protein powder supplement. I have tried several brands from name brand to ones you can get at Walmart and they all have caused me a very bad upset stomach! I have found one and only one that works for me. Optimum Nutrition's Whey Protein:

They have all sorts of flavors and all mix well and they taste pretty good too! Gone are the days of those thick, chalky shakes you have to plug your nose to down! Many mix well and taste great mixed with just water which is a plus for those of you who like me don't care for dairy. My favorites are the Orange Cream and Tropical Fruit Punch. I like to get Chocolate and mix it in a blender with ice, a banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter for a filling treat! Same goes with the vanilla, you can mix with a variety of frozen fruits for a nice filling smoothie! Very versatile stuff!!

A good multi vitamin is important, and I like to take a joint supplement as my over 40 year old knees just aren't as limber as they once were. Universal Labs makes a great stack that includes both! Again, I've tried a variety of each, and these work the best for me. The multi is great because it includes SO much; Amino's, Digestive Enzymes, a Performance Complex all on top of your vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! They are like taking horse pills and a LOT of them at that, but I swear by these!

I have been trying to give up my Monster Energy Drinks for years and don't drink coffee, so I've been looking for a better way to get my caffeine. I also like to take a recovery formula because even after over a year and a half of working out at this level, I still suffer from muscle soreness. I recently found a product that seems to take care of all the above:

Optimum Nutrition's Amino Energy. This stuff tastes good! Much better than other similar products I have tried, and mixes much better as well. It tastes much like Kool-Aid, which isn't a favorite of mine, but for a product like this, it works! It has caffeine, which gives me the energy boost I desire, plus it has amino's in it. I take it pre and post workout and once in the afternoon as a pick me up. Since starting this, I have suffered very little if any muscle soreness and have just about given up the Monster drinks entirely. A bit pricey considering a bottle only lasts me 5-6 days, but it is about the same as my Monster habit was running me and I think better choice.

Before finding P90x and I had tried several DVD programs and liked many but just couldn't quite find what I was looking for. I find most instructors a bit annoying, especially female ones. I also find many programs geared towards us females to be too dancy and choreographed for my tastes and ability. I like bootcamp style workouts or just good old fashioned push ups, weights, etc...the closet I found that I think would appeal to most woman looking for more than just your traditional cardio/aerobics type program are the videos put out by Jillian Micheal's.

The 30 Day Shred seems to be among her most popular, but probably my least favorite. It is a good starting point though for someone wanting to up their level of fitness. I liked to combine the Boost Metabolism and and No More Trouble Zones on alternating days. Just recently I tried her brand new Yoga Meltdown, which I will write a full review on at a later time, but this is another winner! Not quite Yoga in the sense that I am used to, more of a workout with Yoga inspired moves. It is a good, short workout and I think most would see results with this. I am glad to see her putting out more DVDs and giving us more variety. I like her style of workouts and don't find myself getting annoyed with her like I do most female instructors. I would recommend Jillian's videos to those wanting to get into great shape but not up to the challenge of something like P90x just yet.

Not quite as high on my list, but worth a mention is Tae Bo. Kind of an oldie but a goodie, although he does continue to put out new products. I have reviewed several of the individual titles here in the past, a search will bring up many. This is another good starting point for someone wanting perhaps more of a cardio workout. What appeals to me is Billy Blanks personality is one I can cope with and also the moves are pretty basic, no fancy footwork. There are many similar programs out there that look like even more fun, but the fancy footwork keeps me from enjoying them. I just am not all that coordinated!

Still at the top of my list is Yoga. It is one of my favorite overall workouts and I still practice on average three days per week. I have written several posts in the past stating both my position on Yoga as a Christian and some of my favorites, so I wont repeat it all here again. If you click on "Yoga" in the sidebar you can read many of my posts on the topic.

I have so many other resources I use, mostly websites and blogs and I do hope to get around to adding links to all of these in my sidebar in the very near future.

What do YOU do to stay in shape? I especially love hearing what other homeschooling moms are doing!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Favorite Things(Homeschool Edition)

Lately I've been thinking about a lot of my favorite resources for not only homeschooling, but parenting, military, fitness, etc..I thought it would be fun to share some of them, so I am going to do a series of posts of my favorite things, starting today with a favorite topic of mine; HOMESCHOOLING!!

There are so many curriculum options out there and most of them worth using. Our choices often change year to year, child to child depending on their needs and our finances. I could write for days on my favorites as I have so many. So, today I am not even going to touch on the topic of curriculum itself, just share some of my favorite homeschooling related resources.

The very top of my list would have to be Home School Legal Defense Association(HSLDA) we have been members since day one over fourteen years ago. I personally wouldn't want to educate at home without them. Over the years we have contacted them with concerns about first taking our children out of public school as I had two with IEPs. They have kept us informed on changes in filing our yearly affidavits and informed when homeschooling was declared "illegal" here in my state just a few years ago. They were very involved in assisting us in my sons military enlistment. Certainly worth the ten or so dollars a month!

After HSLDA the very next thing I consider a must have is the Well Planned Day planner. I LOVE this planner! I have tried many over the years and this is the first one I have bought two years in a row! You can check older posts for reviews I've given of this favorite of mine!

To supplement our curriculum or just for fun resources I LOVE I usually purchase several items a month. There are so many great items to choose from. Excellent copy work pages, note book pages, actual down loadable curriculum item favorites such as Writing Strands and more. Lots of Bible enrichment resources, art resources and more. You'd be wise to check them out now as they are having a HUGE sale with several items up to 75% off!!

To help stay motivated and encouraged I love to listen to homeschool talks given by some of my favorite speakers. I get most of mine from Best Christian Some of my favorite speakers are;
Kevin Swanson
Andrew Pudewa
The Boyers
David Hazell
The Youngs
With my very all time favorite being Voddie Baucham. My very favorite talk is by Mr. Baucham as well. If I could only keep one of my talks to listen to over and over it would be Harvard or Heaven. He totally says everything I think and feel so much more eloquently than I ever could and this message sums it all up better than any other I've heard.

Other than great talks and messages like those above, the best source of encouragement(besides the Word of God of course!) comes in the mail via one of my many favorite magazines each month. I subscribe to several and at different seasons of my life different ones have been my favorites. At this particular season with my children the ages they now are, and with where we are in our schooling adventure my two favorites are Homeschooling Today andHomeschool Enrichment. Other great ones I either have or currently subscribe to are; The Old School House
Home Educating Family
Homeschool Digest
There are many more great ones out there to be sure, but these are the ones I regularly read.

Oh my gosh, even without discussing curriculum I could go on and on! I have so many favorite homeschool related blogs I love to read and homeschool related podcasts, and more. But dinner is calling and I have a little one who needs my attention. Perhaps I will add links to my sidebar as time allows of each of the resources I named here as well the ones I haven't mentioned yet.

Tomorrow, will be my favorite fitness resources!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Better Than Nothing

I was feeling a bit down tonite, as I expected to be tucking my oldest son in bed tonite, and instead he is on hold in Great Lakes for an unknown length of time. I was a bit surprised though when my husband walked in with the evenings mail. He handed me a package which we both thought was my much anticipated Jillian Michael's Yoga workout, and were surprised to see that it was our sons "KEEL."
The KEEL is kind of like a yearbook of his Boot camp adventures. We did find a couple of pictures of him besides the standard posed pic for their divisions. We even found one of him in his "BCG'S" at mail call.

It was nice to get a peek into his life and adventures while at Boot camp, though that seems a life time ago now that he officially graduated his A School this morning and has his orders for his first duty station. It feels like forever, but really it has only been a few months.

All of this anxiety over not seeing him for all these months even though we know he is safe and sound, I can't even begin to imagine the anxiety we will feel when he is in far away places that are not so safe.....For now I will enjoy the few pictures of him we have in the KEEL and be thankful that even though he isn't home tonite, he is safe and sound.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Guess I Just Need To Get Used To It Now...

Well, once again we are victim of the Navy's famous "hurry up and wait" routine. My son got up this morning expecting to get issued his plane ticket home for a flight tomorrow and instead was informed he and his whole class are on "hold, until otherwise notified."

How long this will be or if his actual orders change we don't know. From speaking with other Navy moms and wives it seems this isn't uncommon. I can deal with change fairly well, but on such short notice is another story. We had already invited over 50 guests to a "Welcome Home" party Saturday. Even harder to deal with is the disappointment in his voice. We were all feeling okay about the fact we couldn't make it cross country to his graduation tomorrow, knowing he'd be on a plane coming home a few hours later, but now....

No one ever told me it was going to be so hard to be a Navy Mom......

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kids in the Kitchen

My 13 year old has always had an interest in cooking, usually more in baking or cooking sweet treats. Recently he became quite interested in the Jamie at Home cooking show on the Cooking Channel and tunes in daily. More recently he discovered the show that follows; "Everyday Exotics."
Every day from 3:00pm-4:00pm, everything comes to a halt as he watches(and records) these shows. He is even more impressed with the presentation of the food as he is the actual recipes.
Tonite he cooked us a meal from Thursdays episode of "Everyday Exotics" and it was a hit!! First he made Trinidadian-Style Chicken:

I don't often eat chicken anymore, but the smell was so aromatic I couldn't resist. It was super good!
He also prepared Plantain Gratin:

I had never had a Plantain before and didn't know what to expect. They look so much like a banana and the thought of banana's with Shallots and Jalapenos just didn't appeal to me, but boy were they yummy!! I think this dish may be a new favorite around here. I plan on adding more plantains into our diet, yum!

Both of these recipes can be found on the Cooking Channels website HERE.

For dessert he really wanted to make a Rice Pudding recipe he had seen on the "Jamie at Home" show, but we didn't have the exact ingredients. After looking through several recipes for rice pudding on the site, we mixed ideas and made our own;

I am thinking he's got quite a career as a guitar playing chef, what do you think?

He's Coming Home! SOON!!

I just got the phone call I've been waiting for today. My son will be coming home next week!! We are SO excited to see him. He will get about a week and a half leave before he checks in at Camp Pendelton, but even once there, he will be close to home!

We are planning(on very short notice) a barbecue get together for his coming home. It has been 6-7 months since anybody but me has seen him. I haven't seen him since May, though it seems much longer.

So, be checking back soon for LOTS of pictures!

Friday, August 20, 2010

"Public" Schools Competing?

I just saw an ad on TV, that for some reason really struck me as odd. It was for the K12 "Public" school at home option. For those of you not familiar, K12 is an educational company that caters to both the public and private schooling sector.

Many states offer K12 as a "public school at home" option. They will provide all curriculum and learning materials free of charge as well as provide a certified teacher to oversee your school at home program. At first glance this may seem like an ideal situation for brand new homeschoolers afraid to venture out completely on their own or for those low on finances, not able to afford all they think they need for school. In some cases it may be a viable option, but it does come with strings attached and one should always go into something like this aware of all the pros and cons. A google search on "charter schools" or "charter school vs. private homeschooling" will bring up lots of resources for you to help make an informed decision.

K12 also offers an "Independent" program. From what I understand, it is all the same resources the public school option offers but for a price(rather steep at that!) but it is a truly "private" homeschooling option.

I am not here today to debate the charter vs. private issue. It just struck me as incredibly odd to see a "public" school advertised on TV. To be honest I am not sure how I feel about it. On one hand I just think it is weird. I mean, does your local public school advertise on the TV? Last I knew, basically you were assigned to a school based on your home address.

On the other hand, maybe this is just what the government school system needs, is competition. I personally, Lord willing, will always choose the private homeschool option, but for those who for reasons personal to their own family and situations "need" to be in the public/government school system, maybe competition will help improve the schools at least from an educational stand point.

Right now, with the way the system is set up, you basically go to the school you are assigned or petition for a request for a transfer, which seem harder than ever these days to get approved. Then you're on your own for transportation and such.

With more "charter" school type programs opening up, both site based and home based now there is a little more competition. For those stuck in the system, I see this as a potentially good thing. Even so, I still think advertising on TV is just plain weird. But I suppose just like all the pharmaceutical ads I will eventually get used to it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

10 More Reasons...

Just in case you needed any more reasons, here is another site I found via a Facebook Link.

Actually, this one is a little different, as it is 10 Good Reasons to Keep Your Child in Public School.

Monday, August 16, 2010

101 Reasons

A while back I posted several "Reasons" not to send your kids to Public, IE: Government School. For fun, I think I started on Reason 101 and continued for a few days until I got bored or side tracked.

I've often started a folder with printed articles of some of the outrageous things going on in the schools just to show family and friends who continue to ask "Why."

Well, recently thanks to a link on Facebook from a group I "liked" I discovered an actual website that literally has 101 Reason to Homeschool.

I really have a hard time understanding why anyone in their right mind would still send their kids off to school after looking at this list. Some of the items are about what students do to or with other students, some are about abuses from the teachers and faculty and there is plenty to say about the schools themselves and those who run them.

While I think this is a great list with full articles, I just want to point out 101 Reasons is just the tip of the iceberg! There are many, many more stories just like these and worse.

For Christians in particular, I don't think anybody does a better job of explaining why not to send your kids than Voddie Baucham and his list of FIVE REASONS.

My kids are home with me for the start of our 14th year. Lord willing, we have 14 more years to go. I keep them home to give them a truly Christian education, to teach them to love God, love their country, and to love and show compassion for others.

What about you? Why aren't you sending your kids to Government school this year?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

California or Bust!

After a long wait my son finally got orders! He will be coming back to California and doing his FMTB training then he will be stationed in Yuma. Yuma is not quite as close as we hoped, but closer than it could have been!

He had lots of choices available including locations closer to home but he chose where he felt he could benefit the most with the training and things he wants to do while still staying somewhat close to home.

We are happy to have him very close to home for nine weeks while he does his training, and Yuma isn't that far away. Just a hop skip and jump away. According to Mapquest it's exactly 3 hours and 10 minutes!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Almost Done, Almost Home!!

We are SO excited!! Today our son took and passed his FINAL test at his "A" School!! All he has left is a couple of weeks of clinicals and the official graduation ceremony then he will be a Hospital Corpsman. But for now, the hard part is done.

It has been so stressful for him and us each week as he prepared for each test, but that part is done with now!

Now we are just waiting to see where his orders will take him and when he will get to come home for some much deserved leave! Other than myself, no one else in the family has seen him since March 2.

Since he left Austin has grown so much and is now talking in full sentences. His dad has gone from a blue collar worker to a white collar worker. Two of his brothers have taken up guitar. We've switched churches. My biceps have grown in size that even he will be envious of(in my dreams at least!) We've also added two Chihuahuas to the family, something he has always wanted!

Things have changed quite a bit. I am sure there are many changes in him as well. I know he has added some new artwork to his body. I know he too has grown some muscles. He left here a somewhat naive homeschooled boy and is returning a bit more matured.

But some things never change. He is still our little boy. Our love for him hasn't changed. Our pride in him has only grown in ways words alone just can't express.

Maybe the hard part isn't over with. I think the hardest part is waiting, and waiting for him to come home!

Cards 4 Heroes

When my son was graduating Navy Boot camp we were trying to find the perfect card for the occasion. In my search I stumbled upon this site: CARDS4HEROES.COM. Not only did they have the perfect card for graduation, we found cards for just about every military occasion you can think of including but not limited to; Going Away, Welcome Home, Congratulations and more. They even had a card for enlisting!

They also have patriotic general greeting cards for Christmas, Birthdays and more. Also branch specific cards for each occasion.

I know my son really appreciated a special card specific for the occasion. I recently sent him some for his birthday as well.

I really wanted to share this for those of you with loved ones serving or who are Veterans. It is hard to find the right card and this company makes it easy. They also offer several patriotic gifts as well. The prices are reasonable for what they offer, shipping is fast and in both my orders were extra goodies such as stickers and ball point pens.

I am happy to support a company who supports our loved ones who faithfully serve our country!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Since When Did Celeberties Become The Experts?

I couldn't help but giggle a little this afternoon when I read on one of my "friends" Facebook status updates: "such and such uses such and such said brand, shouldn't you?"

At first I thought it was kind of funny, then I felt a little annoyed. I am tired of celebrities pushing products, politicians and viewpoints down my throat!

First of all, in the case of products, at least nine times out of ten they are PAID endorsements! Pay me enough and I'll push your product too. Of course who'd want to listen to me? I am just an ordinary homeschooling mom doing my best to raise my family, certainly some celebrity who lives in a fantasy world knows more than I about everything, right?

I remember a time when Pastors, Teachers, Parents or other trusted elders were who we went to for political advice. Now we're suppose to listen to Oprah? Or worse, someone like Sean Penn? NO THANK YOU!! But, many, many naive people do. They wont even look into what a candidate stands for, they'll just take Ms. Oprah or Mr. Penn's word for it. No wonder we're in the mess we're in!

Sure, I love it when I find out a celebrity I am fond of shares a love of animals, or is also a vegetarian or does my workout routine or anything else we may share in common, but I am not about ready to vote for anybody or spend my family's hard earned money on a product just because they "say" they use it and that's why they look as great as they do(never mind the fact that they also have a personal trainer, private chef,, none of that made them look that good, it was the vitamins they are pushing on you!)

No thanks, I wont be trying those vitamins my friend was suggesting simply because Ms. Celebrity trainer claims to use them. I'd rather know what my fellow busy moms are using to keep up with their households. And as far as political advice, parenting tips or anything else of significance, the LAST place I will be seeking that advice is a celebrity!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Two Guys

Nineteen years ago today I gave my husband his first son on his Birthday. We had different plans that night. We were supposed to go see Terminator 2 on its opening day. I was already several weeks late on delivering our son. My son chose that day to be born. While my husband was thrilled to have a son on his birthday, I still sometimes think that he was disappointed we missed opening night of T2!!(giggle)

Today on their shared birthday we've had our shares of excitement and disappointments as well. This is the first birthday our son isn't here with us. He is on the other side of the United States, literally just days away from officially becoming a Navy Hospital Corpsman. He was really looking forward to getting his orders today as well. Not only is he not home for his birthday, but he didn't get orders either(thanks to the Navy's hurry up and wait policy!) He did get a care package from home with birthday gifts and some homemade goodies as well, so the day wasn't a total loss.

My husband on the other hand, got the news he was hoping for. He got a long awaited, rather big promotion at work! We weren't so sure it would happen, but it did! Couldn't ask for a better gift than that. Well, except maybe a son, after seeing the opening night of your favorite movie!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Boys!! Love you both!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Two For 2010

Not Back to School Blog Hop

The 2010 school year will be our second with only two in our homeschool. Austin, our three year old will be doing some informal learning with us this time around, but he isn't officially in our plan book just yet!

This is my second time around participating in the Not Back To School Blog Hop. It was so much fun last year, not only to share what we are doing, but see what other families are doing as well.

Being on a limited budget once again this year, not all of our picks were our first choices, but I must say now that we've officially started(tomorrow we start our third week!) everything seems just perfect!

We started a bit early, so we can take time off when my oldest son comes home on leave from the Navy next month.

This year we have a 5th grader and an 8th grader. Both boys will be doing Who is God? for Bible.

We are really enjoying this one so far! This book has wonderful photos, a great layout, Bible verses for the children to memorize, world view lessons, notebooking ideas and more. I can't wait to use the whole series!

For History both boys are using Beautiful Feet Books Westward Expansion.

We are enjoying this as well. While this is a stand alone program, there are so many great things covered and lots of room to explore more in depth so we are supplementing with materials from Currclick and other resources as well.

Currclick has become one of my very favorite resources this year! If you sign up for their mailing list there are lots of great weekly freebies that can easily be used for your schooling. We have also bought lots of extra resources for History as well as for our Art Appreciation class, Handwriting and Copywork and more. I only warn you of one thing: It is ADDICTING!! There are so many great resources available and the fact you can download them instantly for immediate access makes it that much more tempting. There are also several big name publishers available for download as well. Check it out, if for nothing else other than the freebies! They are VERY good freebies too!

For Science our plan was to do Apologia Elementary Science Astronomy and Human Anatomy, but due to finances those will have to wait until after our Christmas Bonus this year.

We have already completed Zoology 1-3 in previous years and are really looking forward to the Astronomy in particular. While we wait though we were blessed when a dear friend gave us several Delta Science, Science in a Nutshell Kits. Right now we are working on the Crystal Kit and have an Ocean one as well as an Animal one to work on while we wait.

For Art Appreciation we are using a variety of great books we have found and other neat resources as well as Notebooking Pages from the above mentioned

I feel so fortunate that I am able to combine the boys in so many subjects. They each do their own Language Arts programs and Math programs.

They are each using Saxon Math at their own levels. We have older editions from my older children, but luckily math doesn't change too much over the years, or at least it shouldn't! We also have the D.I.V.E. Cd's for instruction freeing up much time for me and giving the children help in my weakest subject.

For Language Arts we are once again using Learning Language Arts Through Literature.

I have used this one on and off for several years, but I am planning on sticking with this one all the way through from now on! It includes everything I normally try and piece together such as handwriting, grammar, copywork and dictation, spelling and more. It is a solid program as is, but I do supplement a bit with each child in different ways depending on their needs. One gets extra spelling and handwriting via Currclick, another gets extra writing using Writing Trails in History.

Both boys are also taking guitar lessons, will participate in AWANA and we are considering 4H this year as well.

I cannot wrap this up without mentioning my VERY favorite resource once again this year.

I discovered this gem last school year. It is the Well Planned Day Planner. I love this planner! It has made my planning go much smoother and has kept my home and school much more organized! This year the boys were both very excited to get their own "Well Grounded Middle Schooler" planners as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading our plan for this year, and I can't wait to read yours as well! Happy Homeschooling to all of you!

Till Tuesday......

Here it is Sunday and I am already waiting for Tuesday. I am not sure if I am anxious for it to come quickly or if I'd just rather it not come at all. It is expected to be a rather big day full of lots of news. We're just not sure if we're expecting good news or not so good news.

Tuesday also happens to be both my oldest sons and my husbands birthdays. For their birthdays they are both expecting big news in their lives.

For my son, he is looking forward to picking orders. He will finally have some idea of where he will begin his Navy career as a Hospital Corpsman. It had been looking like he'd be placed on hold for a couple of months at his current location then possibly go to Spain or Japan. Now it appears there are orders available for what he was hoping for and his father and I were dreading...I guess Tuesday, we will know and there will be no more guessing.

For my husband, he is expecting news on a BIG promotion at work. Of course he is hoping for it, but it will mean changes in our schedule and family life as it is an odd shift he will be working. It could also be a pretty big increase in income for us. Personally, this one as well as my sons orders, I am just leaving in Gods hands.

This will also be the very first birthday my son will not be at home. Being on the other side of the country, he wont be coming home either. This is hard for me, mom. I guess it's just good preparation for when he is who knows where in the world in the near future. It does take some getting used to.

So, stay tuned in and Tuesday there could be some big news to report!