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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Almost Done, Almost Home!!

We are SO excited!! Today our son took and passed his FINAL test at his "A" School!! All he has left is a couple of weeks of clinicals and the official graduation ceremony then he will be a Hospital Corpsman. But for now, the hard part is done.

It has been so stressful for him and us each week as he prepared for each test, but that part is done with now!

Now we are just waiting to see where his orders will take him and when he will get to come home for some much deserved leave! Other than myself, no one else in the family has seen him since March 2.

Since he left Austin has grown so much and is now talking in full sentences. His dad has gone from a blue collar worker to a white collar worker. Two of his brothers have taken up guitar. We've switched churches. My biceps have grown in size that even he will be envious of(in my dreams at least!) We've also added two Chihuahuas to the family, something he has always wanted!

Things have changed quite a bit. I am sure there are many changes in him as well. I know he has added some new artwork to his body. I know he too has grown some muscles. He left here a somewhat naive homeschooled boy and is returning a bit more matured.

But some things never change. He is still our little boy. Our love for him hasn't changed. Our pride in him has only grown in ways words alone just can't express.

Maybe the hard part isn't over with. I think the hardest part is waiting, and waiting for him to come home!

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