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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Better Than Nothing

I was feeling a bit down tonite, as I expected to be tucking my oldest son in bed tonite, and instead he is on hold in Great Lakes for an unknown length of time. I was a bit surprised though when my husband walked in with the evenings mail. He handed me a package which we both thought was my much anticipated Jillian Michael's Yoga workout, and were surprised to see that it was our sons "KEEL."
The KEEL is kind of like a yearbook of his Boot camp adventures. We did find a couple of pictures of him besides the standard posed pic for their divisions. We even found one of him in his "BCG'S" at mail call.

It was nice to get a peek into his life and adventures while at Boot camp, though that seems a life time ago now that he officially graduated his A School this morning and has his orders for his first duty station. It feels like forever, but really it has only been a few months.

All of this anxiety over not seeing him for all these months even though we know he is safe and sound, I can't even begin to imagine the anxiety we will feel when he is in far away places that are not so safe.....For now I will enjoy the few pictures of him we have in the KEEL and be thankful that even though he isn't home tonite, he is safe and sound.

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