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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cards 4 Heroes

When my son was graduating Navy Boot camp we were trying to find the perfect card for the occasion. In my search I stumbled upon this site: CARDS4HEROES.COM. Not only did they have the perfect card for graduation, we found cards for just about every military occasion you can think of including but not limited to; Going Away, Welcome Home, Congratulations and more. They even had a card for enlisting!

They also have patriotic general greeting cards for Christmas, Birthdays and more. Also branch specific cards for each occasion.

I know my son really appreciated a special card specific for the occasion. I recently sent him some for his birthday as well.

I really wanted to share this for those of you with loved ones serving or who are Veterans. It is hard to find the right card and this company makes it easy. They also offer several patriotic gifts as well. The prices are reasonable for what they offer, shipping is fast and in both my orders were extra goodies such as stickers and ball point pens.

I am happy to support a company who supports our loved ones who faithfully serve our country!

1 comment:

Beloved's Bride Carmen said...

Awesome Site! Thanks! It will come in very handy!;)