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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kids in the Kitchen

My 13 year old has always had an interest in cooking, usually more in baking or cooking sweet treats. Recently he became quite interested in the Jamie at Home cooking show on the Cooking Channel and tunes in daily. More recently he discovered the show that follows; "Everyday Exotics."
Every day from 3:00pm-4:00pm, everything comes to a halt as he watches(and records) these shows. He is even more impressed with the presentation of the food as he is the actual recipes.
Tonite he cooked us a meal from Thursdays episode of "Everyday Exotics" and it was a hit!! First he made Trinidadian-Style Chicken:

I don't often eat chicken anymore, but the smell was so aromatic I couldn't resist. It was super good!
He also prepared Plantain Gratin:

I had never had a Plantain before and didn't know what to expect. They look so much like a banana and the thought of banana's with Shallots and Jalapenos just didn't appeal to me, but boy were they yummy!! I think this dish may be a new favorite around here. I plan on adding more plantains into our diet, yum!

Both of these recipes can be found on the Cooking Channels website HERE.

For dessert he really wanted to make a Rice Pudding recipe he had seen on the "Jamie at Home" show, but we didn't have the exact ingredients. After looking through several recipes for rice pudding on the site, we mixed ideas and made our own;

I am thinking he's got quite a career as a guitar playing chef, what do you think?

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