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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Since When Did Celeberties Become The Experts?

I couldn't help but giggle a little this afternoon when I read on one of my "friends" Facebook status updates: "such and such uses such and such said brand, shouldn't you?"

At first I thought it was kind of funny, then I felt a little annoyed. I am tired of celebrities pushing products, politicians and viewpoints down my throat!

First of all, in the case of products, at least nine times out of ten they are PAID endorsements! Pay me enough and I'll push your product too. Of course who'd want to listen to me? I am just an ordinary homeschooling mom doing my best to raise my family, certainly some celebrity who lives in a fantasy world knows more than I about everything, right?

I remember a time when Pastors, Teachers, Parents or other trusted elders were who we went to for political advice. Now we're suppose to listen to Oprah? Or worse, someone like Sean Penn? NO THANK YOU!! But, many, many naive people do. They wont even look into what a candidate stands for, they'll just take Ms. Oprah or Mr. Penn's word for it. No wonder we're in the mess we're in!

Sure, I love it when I find out a celebrity I am fond of shares a love of animals, or is also a vegetarian or does my workout routine or anything else we may share in common, but I am not about ready to vote for anybody or spend my family's hard earned money on a product just because they "say" they use it and that's why they look as great as they do(never mind the fact that they also have a personal trainer, private chef,, none of that made them look that good, it was the vitamins they are pushing on you!)

No thanks, I wont be trying those vitamins my friend was suggesting simply because Ms. Celebrity trainer claims to use them. I'd rather know what my fellow busy moms are using to keep up with their households. And as far as political advice, parenting tips or anything else of significance, the LAST place I will be seeking that advice is a celebrity!

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