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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Till Tuesday......

Here it is Sunday and I am already waiting for Tuesday. I am not sure if I am anxious for it to come quickly or if I'd just rather it not come at all. It is expected to be a rather big day full of lots of news. We're just not sure if we're expecting good news or not so good news.

Tuesday also happens to be both my oldest sons and my husbands birthdays. For their birthdays they are both expecting big news in their lives.

For my son, he is looking forward to picking orders. He will finally have some idea of where he will begin his Navy career as a Hospital Corpsman. It had been looking like he'd be placed on hold for a couple of months at his current location then possibly go to Spain or Japan. Now it appears there are orders available for what he was hoping for and his father and I were dreading...I guess Tuesday, we will know and there will be no more guessing.

For my husband, he is expecting news on a BIG promotion at work. Of course he is hoping for it, but it will mean changes in our schedule and family life as it is an odd shift he will be working. It could also be a pretty big increase in income for us. Personally, this one as well as my sons orders, I am just leaving in Gods hands.

This will also be the very first birthday my son will not be at home. Being on the other side of the country, he wont be coming home either. This is hard for me, mom. I guess it's just good preparation for when he is who knows where in the world in the near future. It does take some getting used to.

So, stay tuned in and Tuesday there could be some big news to report!

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