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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Two For 2010

Not Back to School Blog Hop

The 2010 school year will be our second with only two in our homeschool. Austin, our three year old will be doing some informal learning with us this time around, but he isn't officially in our plan book just yet!

This is my second time around participating in the Not Back To School Blog Hop. It was so much fun last year, not only to share what we are doing, but see what other families are doing as well.

Being on a limited budget once again this year, not all of our picks were our first choices, but I must say now that we've officially started(tomorrow we start our third week!) everything seems just perfect!

We started a bit early, so we can take time off when my oldest son comes home on leave from the Navy next month.

This year we have a 5th grader and an 8th grader. Both boys will be doing Who is God? for Bible.

We are really enjoying this one so far! This book has wonderful photos, a great layout, Bible verses for the children to memorize, world view lessons, notebooking ideas and more. I can't wait to use the whole series!

For History both boys are using Beautiful Feet Books Westward Expansion.

We are enjoying this as well. While this is a stand alone program, there are so many great things covered and lots of room to explore more in depth so we are supplementing with materials from Currclick and other resources as well.

Currclick has become one of my very favorite resources this year! If you sign up for their mailing list there are lots of great weekly freebies that can easily be used for your schooling. We have also bought lots of extra resources for History as well as for our Art Appreciation class, Handwriting and Copywork and more. I only warn you of one thing: It is ADDICTING!! There are so many great resources available and the fact you can download them instantly for immediate access makes it that much more tempting. There are also several big name publishers available for download as well. Check it out, if for nothing else other than the freebies! They are VERY good freebies too!

For Science our plan was to do Apologia Elementary Science Astronomy and Human Anatomy, but due to finances those will have to wait until after our Christmas Bonus this year.

We have already completed Zoology 1-3 in previous years and are really looking forward to the Astronomy in particular. While we wait though we were blessed when a dear friend gave us several Delta Science, Science in a Nutshell Kits. Right now we are working on the Crystal Kit and have an Ocean one as well as an Animal one to work on while we wait.

For Art Appreciation we are using a variety of great books we have found and other neat resources as well as Notebooking Pages from the above mentioned

I feel so fortunate that I am able to combine the boys in so many subjects. They each do their own Language Arts programs and Math programs.

They are each using Saxon Math at their own levels. We have older editions from my older children, but luckily math doesn't change too much over the years, or at least it shouldn't! We also have the D.I.V.E. Cd's for instruction freeing up much time for me and giving the children help in my weakest subject.

For Language Arts we are once again using Learning Language Arts Through Literature.

I have used this one on and off for several years, but I am planning on sticking with this one all the way through from now on! It includes everything I normally try and piece together such as handwriting, grammar, copywork and dictation, spelling and more. It is a solid program as is, but I do supplement a bit with each child in different ways depending on their needs. One gets extra spelling and handwriting via Currclick, another gets extra writing using Writing Trails in History.

Both boys are also taking guitar lessons, will participate in AWANA and we are considering 4H this year as well.

I cannot wrap this up without mentioning my VERY favorite resource once again this year.

I discovered this gem last school year. It is the Well Planned Day Planner. I love this planner! It has made my planning go much smoother and has kept my home and school much more organized! This year the boys were both very excited to get their own "Well Grounded Middle Schooler" planners as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading our plan for this year, and I can't wait to read yours as well! Happy Homeschooling to all of you!


Nancy said...

Hi Tara,

I just found your blog via HOTM....I love your look! I have been looking all over for a font like you have.....where did you get it? Is it a custom font? I use Blogger also, but I can't find a font I that I'm happy with!
Again...I love your layout!

Tara B. said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for stopping by! My font came with my pre-made lay out I got from Leelou Blogs:
They have some really nice ones, and they set it all up and everything! Reasonably priced too for what they do.
Tara B

Lora @ my blessed life said...

It is so nice to have *family* subjects, isn't it? We are doing that with science, history, art and music. This is my first year to use the Well Planned Day and I must say I am loving it, too!

Kysha said...

We're using Apologias Bible also. I can't wait to start. My children also loved Apologia's Astronomy. We did it a few years ago. You're gonna have a wonderful year.

Jessica S. said...

I so want to get that Planner!!! :) I just might get it now! I have heard great thing about it! Thank you for sharing your curriculum with us! I fully enjoy this blog hop! Happy Homeschooling Tara and Family.

Daddy's Chick's said...

WOW . . exciting when you can combine grade levels. Just another thing I love about home schooling. This is our first year using Learning Language Arts Through Literature. Wishing you a blessed school year. Thanks for sharing

Sheri said...

I love, love BFB guides/programs. I have yet to get the Westward Expansion, but it is really an updated version of the Cal. History one and I have that...the boys will love the subject matter! If you lapbook, Homeschool Share is a great place to go, not only are the projects top notch, but they are free. You can find all sorts of notebooking pages for free here and there too...sounds like a very nice layout for the year! Blessings-

Spesamor Academy said...

I've been drooling over Apologia's Bible, too. It's on the top of my wish list for when we have extra money.

Robin E. said...

I heard about the Well Planned Day planners for the first time at the homeschool convention last month. It's good to hear that you liked it enough to use it again.

Thanks for sharing on the blog hop.

Layton Family Joy said...

I'm DEFINITELY checking out the Well Planned Day! Thanks!

Brenda said...

:) I understand the "not the first choice" thing! But you have made some great choices and waiting until Christmas is brilliant! It will be something to look forward to in January.

Laurie said...

Hi Tara,
I don't have a blog myself, but I found yours by through the Heart of the Matter links. I'm so glad to see another mom doing homeschooling "on a shoestring", so to speak. We just decided a few weeks ago to pull our 15 year old son out of public school, and I feel like I"m scrambling trying to find curriculum that will work on a one income/4 people household. Thanks for the ideas in your post!


Gwen Toliver said...

We've used a lot of LLATL, Apologia and Beautiful Feet in the past with our crew of 7 too - however, one thing I love about homeschooling is the ability to be flexible and adapt to what works with different kids. So this year, only the Apologia is being re-used.

You really have some good suggestions - I'm glad I found you!! May He bless you as you train your kids for Him!

Ali said...

We did the apologia astronomy, and we loved it! I also think that the planner looks wonderful. I may need to work that one into the budget.

Beloved's Bride Carmen said...

I came over from the hop! I haven't heard of a few of your curriculum so I will be writing them down and taking a look! Thanks so much!
Have a great school year!

Carrie said...

I really enjoyed reading about your curriculum. It reminded me of currclick, I think I used to be on that list but maybe on an old email address...need to sign back up!
Also, I am very interested in your Learning Language Arts through Literature choice. I will be looking more into that! Beautiful blog!

Sparklee said...

I totally understand what you mean about CurrClick--every time I look at that site, I see so many great resources that we "need."

I have been curious about Learning Language Arts Through Literature, so thanks for the info! That day planner looks great, too!

Denise said...

I will have to check that planner out! I just came across it on my travesl the other day. I was wondering if it was worth it.

I am now following your blog.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I am stopping by from the blog hop. I love your blog, and your choices for this year. I'm following you now with GF.