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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Fall Asleep in Haiti and Wake up in Africa!!

How's that for a catchy title? Well, that's what seems to happen to me each and every night for the past month or so. Well, kind of....

As most know, I have children I sponsor in both Haiti and Africa. My biggest hearts desire for some time now has been to go to Haiti. Even before I had sponsored children there, I have felt a tug at my heart for Haiti. Now, since the earthquake that has only gotten stronger. I had planned on going next year with Compassion, but the trip for now has been canceled. So, with that heavy on my mind, and my sponsored child in Uganda writing me often lately and hearing of her fears of the drought they are suffering, I guess they have all been on my mind causing this odd dream.

I decided maybe to take it has a hint to write as well. I normally write all three girls often, but have been not quite as faithful lately. Maybe now that I have, this dream will stop. I sure hope some day soon, I get to go to sleep in Haiti, but I hope I wake up there too!! Then someday also get to go to Uganda to meet Betty.

I thought I would use this hint as an opportunity to update on the girls here as well, as I have had several people inquire how they are doing, especially those in Haiti since the earthquake.

Sarafina, the older of the two girls in Haiti, had the hardest time following the quake. Her home was destroyed. She sounded so discouraged the first time I heard from her after the quake. So frightened too, as she and her family were sleeping outside at night. The most recent letter she sounds much better and things have improved for her but only slightly. I am just amazed at how positive and thankful she can be for the small things, like a food package, or that Compassion has a place for them to go during the day. While many of us, myself included would most likely focus on what we lost or don't have, she chooses to focus on the good things, no matter how little they seem.

I have not heard from Ismaline since the first letter after the quake. She and her family seem to have fared much better than Sarafina's though lets face it, her situation is still far from perfect.

Betty who lives in Uganda and normally doesn't ask for much in regards to prayer or seem to worry much is very concerned about the drought in her area. It must be a big problem as another sponsor I know from church has a child in Betty's area and has heard the same concerns.

It makes me so sad and angry that little children suffer like this and have to have these kinds of worries at such a young age. Their biggest worry should be getting a passing grade in school or what dress to wear, not if there will be enough food to eat due to the drought or where they will sleep at night due to their home being destroyed in a disaster.

I makes me feel selfish and spoiled that I can make mountains out of mole hills of my own little teeny tiny problems, when in reality I don't really have any. I have food to eat each night with no fear of running out, a safe roof over my head with a place to lay down my head at night, I have clothes, a family that loves me and a God who cares. What more do I need?

As Wes Stafford's quote says "The opposite of poverty is enough."

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Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I am glad that you took the time to write. It is SO important. If you ever need inspiration, feel free to stop by my blog. I post many ideas and tips to enhance the letter writing ministry of Compassion. God bless. :)