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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bye-Bye Bailey

About this time last year, we lost our beloved dog, Sequoia. Some neighbor dogs that had been running loose with a pack of wild, feral dogs got into our yard and attacked him, and killed him. We were so heartbroken as we had this pet for several years, and he was very loyal and very protective.

Not to replace Sequoia, but to help ease the hurt we went and got Bailey, an older puppy. This dog was nothing but love. All he wanted was to love and be loved. We were hoping for another good watch dog. A watch dog he was not! As soon as anyone would pull into the drive way he'd run up barking, then when they'd open their car door, he'd jump in their lap and lick them to death!! He was just a sweetie. He was just as loving and affectionate towards other animals.

He really decided Austin, our youngest was his pet human. When we'd let Austin out to play, he wouldn't leave Austin's side. Wherever Austin went, Bailey was sure to follow. When we'd get home from somewhere and open the van door, he'd jump up and kiss Austin!

A little over a week ago Bailey went missing. This was very unusual for him. Our yard is totally fenced, but this dog could clear anything up to six feet, EASILY!! He would often jump out to chase our car down the road when we'd leave, but two driveways down, he'd turn around and go home. Other than that he rarely if ever left the property.

In the wee hours of the morning he went missing, I had heard what sounded like a nasty dog fight a property or two over, but didn't give it much thought as I was sure Bailey was here, safe at home. Well, ever since he went missing, I've had that fight in the back of my mind.

This morning came the dreaded call. Someone found Bailey, dead. He was just the other side of our fence, the bottom of our property. We're not sure what happened, he appears to have been dead only days, and he's been missing over a week. Best we can guess is that was indeed him we heard in the fight, and he was badly injured and struggled to get home and just didn't quite make it.

While we are heartbroken, believe it or not I do actually have a couple of things to be thankful for in this. One, I am SO thankful for the person who took the time to call(we had signs up all over town) and let us know. Even though we are now hurting, it is a sense of relief to know what happened, than to always wonder. Also, during this whole time we had several people call thinking they saw him or even had them. While none of them were him, again I am thankful for people who care enough to look for signs and scan the Internet for lost notices and call people and try to reunite missing pets with their owners.

One lady that called, even called back to let me know the dog she had that turned out not to be Bailey had been reunited with his owner. He was a special dog for a special lady. He was a companion pet to a disabled lady! I am thankful they are back together.

I hope you too, take the time to stop and look at those "LOST" signs and then keep your eyes open or if you find a lost pet, take the time to search out the owner. I know it's easier to call the pound or just ignore it, but you have no idea how much the owner and pet would be grateful for the few extra minutes of your time. You never know if you will be reuniting a special companion animal or just giving a worried family a sense of peace and resolution.

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