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Friday, November 26, 2010

Start Them Young!

Recently my 11 year old has become very interested in Beachbody. Particularly the Insanity program and Shaun T. He has been getting up at the crack of dawn with me and trying to keep up with the workouts.

Actually he started a few weeks earlier with my One on One workouts, but he has really gotten into the Insanity Program.

I must say Beachbody's advertising is pretty darn good, as he informed me this morning he wanted "that green drink they show at the end of the workouts" (IE Shakeology).

He also gets online at least once a day a scans all the workout programs for what he wants to do next.

I love it! I have been waiting for someone to jump on board with me. I thought it would be my husband or one of the older boys, but it is the 11 year old, AND the three year old.

Yes, the three year old is in love with Tony Horton and imitates him often.

We have hard floors and use yoga mats for our workouts. The minute he sees those mats come out he starts trying to give us instructions on what to do next.

A couple of weeks ago we went to visit my brother(who went home with P90X last night by the way!) and he too has hard floors, but had a rectangular area rug on the ground. Immediately he starts trying to lead us all in a workout. It took me a moment or two to realize that he thought the rug was one big yoga mat! My brother got a huge laugh over the whole thing.

So, what is the moral to all of this? START THEM YOUNG!! If you start them young and make them think exercise and good nutrition is fun and even a "treat"(working out with mom or dad is special and if they do it ,they can have the "special treats" like protein bars and shakeology) then hopefully it will become lifelong habits.

My older boys just seem to have no real interest. They get curious but lack the commitment to follow through. The younger ones though for some reason are just naturally curious and willing. Just like with anything. Think about when you have toddlers and they are only too anxious to "help" you sweep the floor or dust the furniture. If you take the extra time to allow them the "pleasure" even though in reality it creates more work for you in the long run, it will just become a natural habit to help out in the household. Now think about your teens who perhaps you didn't encourage to "help" when they were littles. Do they help now? It's the same with exercise and eating well.

I too am guilty of not allowing my older children to help when they were little, or encourage in a healthy lifestyle. It doesn't mean they can't be encouraged to change as they get older, it just takes more work and effort on our part as parents.

So, while sometimes the little ones get in my way when I am working out, or I don't really like to share my expensive nutrition supplements, I know that I am creating lifelong healthy choices and making my work later in life much easier for me AND them!

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