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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finally Done!

It seems like it's been forever, but it's only been a bit over two years since Daniel got burned in the campfire incident. We started off with trips to the burn clinic several times a week, then weekly, bi-weekly and monthly until we finally got to these last couple of check ups several months to six months apart. This whole time we still never knew for sure when the trips would end and when and if surgery would be ruled out.

Finally last week we got the news we've been waiting for. Daniel has a clean bill of health in regards to the burn! We not only do not need to make the two hour trips(each way) to the plastic surgeon anymore, but surgery has also been ruled out!

This whole thing has been an ordeal for us all, but also in many ways it all turned out so much better than it could have. From the first day until now, everything has just gone so smoothly and surprisingly well not only to us, but the Doctors involved in his care as well.

At first it was assumed and we were told he'd require to stay in the hospital for days for pain management, yet he went home that same night and has never taken anything stronger than a Tylenol for pain.

Each visit to the Burn Clinic they were prepared with strong pain killers before they began treatment, all of which he never needed.

Surgery until now had never been ruled out, as areas of the burn were third degree and the fear was that as he grew the skin may not stretch with him, but that appears to no longer be a concern.

Below are pictures of the progression from day one, to after the first few treatments to last week. I think it is all nothing short of a miracle. The human body, the skin and it's healing abilities just awe me beyond words. What a wonderful designer who created our bodies!

(oops! The pictures are in reverse order with the top one being the most recent!)

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appleleaf said...

Hi Tara,
I took a long break from blogging last year due to some ill health and stress but I'm on top of things again now.
It's interesting I chose today to re-visit your blog because I can remember your posts from two years ago when that burn was fresh. I'm glad that when I've caught up, there's such good news to read.
Paula V.