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Friday, February 11, 2011

Bye-Bye Facebook!

I did it, I pressed the button and it feels SO freeing! I clicked "de-activate" account on Facebook. I have struggled off and on for months or longer with the "should I or shouldn't I" be on Facebook crisis.

It's not that there is anything wrong with Facebook in and of itself really, it's just that for me it became a HUGE time eater. Not only that but while I had hundreds of "friends" on there I felt it was keeping me from maintaining those "real life" friendships I had. For instance just this week I found out on Facebook that my dear sister in-law had a surgery. I would have known that had I just picked up the phone and called her each week like I use to. But no, I was too busy posting three sentence blurbs about my workout or my dog or something else lame...

I even found out my own son had pneumonia on Facebook before he called to tell me. To top it off he was staying with me on his leave when this happened!

I in many ways felt more "connected" to my loved ones on there, especially those like my son who may be far away, but I think really in the long run it makes me less connected. Instead of long phone calls or letters I became content with the three sentence blurb.

I also started to get annoyed with so much negativity on there. So many post nothing but their negative thoughts or negative things going on in their lives whether it be their health, children, family life, whatever. There is nothing wrong with venting occasionally, but with hundreds of "friends" and half of them posting only negative items, it starts to bring you down as well.

I have also gotten into real life disagreements with people because of misunderstandings either on my end or theirs in regards to a status update comment. NOT worth it!!

I think Facebook can be a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, and stay up to date on current events, but like anything else it takes a certain amount of self control to use it in a wise and worthwhile way.

I have an addictive type personality, whether it be food issues, caffeine, Internet usage, even my health and fitness. I struggle to find balance in all these things.(hence the name of my blog: My Balancing Act) For me personally, at least for now it has to be an all or nothing decision for me. For now I choose nothing. It is zapping too much of my family, schooling and sadly even Bible time.

So, if we were "friends" on Facebook, I didn't de-friend you, I am gone from there period. I may or may not be back, but it will be many months, if ever. If you were a "fan" of my fitness page, watch for details here, I am working on a website dedicated to that, until then I may post occasional items of interest here.

I suspect I will find more time to post here now as well, whether that is good or bad, well you can decide that I suppose!

FAREWELL FACEBOOK(and good riddens! LOL )

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The Rambo Family said...

I agree with you, it is very addicting. I keep my because of being a military family. We are away from everyone... I also get frustrated with the negativity and people trying to start arguments. I tend to lean toward the pessimitic side, so I try to be very careful what I post. Glad you still have your blog!