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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Rare Breed

"A Rare Breed." "A Dying Breed." "One of a Kind." These are phrases we often hear in regards to our eleven year old son, almost daily during our daily trip to the post office. Some people give him strange looks, most just look utterly surprised, many smile, and a surprisingly large amount will actually seek me out in the office to comment on my child.

What is it that he does that warrants so much attention? Actually something quite simple, but apparently not often done these days; He holds open the door for people coming in an out of the post office.

It started off with just me asking once or twice for him to run on ahead and open the door for an elderly person or someone with lots of packages. Over time, either because he started to enjoy it or because of all the attention he receives, he now always stands guard at the door during our time there, opening and closing the door into the mail box hall as well as the door to the actual post office. It really does seem it just makes him feel good to make other people if even briefly feel happy or special and the positive comments only make him more enthusiastic to do so.

I guess there are at least two lessons to be learned here. One, there is much joy to be experienced by helping others and letting them experience a moment of feeling good, and second, a positive comment to a child can really help build those character traits in children that we want to see more of. Those comments should come from mom and dad often at home, but a word of praise to a child or about a child to the child's parents, yet within hearing distance of the child can go a LONG way in developing that child's character. Those comments and words of praise are also sweet music to a mothers soul and just the encouragement she may need to keep up the hard day to day work of raising and building young boys into young men!

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Lisa said...

That's so great that he is doing that for people! And I think you're right that comments made by others can be so encouraging for our children. Thanks for sharing this!