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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Workout in a Skirt??

I will be attending a Beachbody Coach Summit in LA this summer and am on the look out for some cute, yet modest workout clothes to take with me as there will be at least one if not more group workouts. At home where I workout alone, I just wear yoga capris and a Tee. I wanted to get something cute, but a little more modest at the same time. While I am in pretty good shape, I am not wanting to wear something that will hug all my curves if you know what I mean!

Well, the answer came from a friend and fellow Beachbody Coach at THIS site. They have several cute options from short tennis style skirts with full length shorts under them, to the design above, which is what I like. These have gotten RAVE reviews from my friend and they look comfortable to workout in while still allowing for some modesty. My only beef is the price, but if they are good quality, they will be worth it!

I wanted to share these as I know several ladies who do everything in a skirt or dress and I thought they may appreciate these as a workout option. I know I certainly would feel more comfy in these bending and stretching in front of others than I would in most of the workout gear I see out there!

I will share my full thoughts when I am able to purchase some and try them out for myself!

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