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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Confirmation Day and a Major Breakthrough

This past Sunday was a HUGE day in many ways for my family! My 14 year old son, Matthew, got confirmed into the church! That was a huge deal, but not the hugest. Those who know my family in real life know that Matthew is incredibly shy. Shy is putting it mildly. He is painfully shy. He likes to just keep to himself and maybe a close friend or two. He doesn't do well in large groups, has a hard time making eye contact, and is just....painfully shy.

Our pastor was insistent that for confirmation my son get up in front of the church and read an essay he wrote in response to two questions asked of him by the pastor. My son has been DREADING this for months. He was so excited to get confirmed after two years of classes, but just did NOT want to do this one thing. I honestly thought he wouldn't.

I had emailed the pastor several times requesting my son be excused from this request. Perhaps he could just read his confirmation verse? The pastor was insistent! UGH!

The big day arrived and my son was refusing to go! Now what? I called, and emailed everyone I knew and asked them to pray. My son finally gets ready but insists he wont read this. Now, really unless you know him, you have no idea how painfully shy he is and what a huge and to me at the time unreasonable request this was.

We arrive and take our seats and I can just see my son turning different shades of green and grey! I thought he was going to get sick right there!

His name was called and he went up and.....READ his essay!

Now, I wont lie, or glorify it. The truth is he was so quiet he could not be heard by those beyond the front two or three rows. He skipped sentences and mumbled a bit. But HE DID IT!!

I don't think anybody there believed it. My son has grown up in this church and not one person thought he'd do it. Nobody even noticed how quiet his speech was or how slurred it was, because they were all praying for him the whole time!

What a break through! Once it was done he was so relieved and just enjoyed the rest of the day.

That morning I wasn't sure how much I liked my pastor. I didn't have warm and fuzzy feelings toward him, that's for sure. But you know what? He was right in making my son do this and in thinking he could. I don't think my son would have done this for anyone else either. He has some connection with this pastor that he never really has with any other and I think he'd do just about anything for him out of respect.

I really think this was a big step and will give my son more confidence in the future because this pastor believed my son could and would do this instead of just letting him stay in his shell like everyone else(including mom and dad!) has always done!

He did it!!

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