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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Still Trying To Balance It All...

I know I've written similar posts too often before, but I have to remind myself often, that I named this blog "My Balancing Act" as at the time I created it, I really felt like I was wearing many hats and trying to balance many things in my life.

At the time, instead of trying to compartmentalize my life into many blogs, I decided to share it all here. Slowly over the last year, I have found myself again trying to compartmentalize not only my life, but my blogging life too. I moved my recipes over to a cooking blog, and my fitness lifestyle issues over to a specialized Facebook page and fitness blog over on my Team Beachbody profile page.

This made sense as I didn't want to clog this blog and subject readers that weren't interested to post after post of fitness information, or recipes. But in the process what has happened is I have 3-4 blogs, Facebook pages, and profiles at fitness sites and most if not all are being severely neglected. As I decide "which" blog or profile to post on, I end up not posting on any.

I have had people tell me they love reading my homeschool or family related posts here, but are turned off by my fitness posts or reviews. I've had others tell me they come looking for the fitness posts but don't really care about homeschooling. That is fine, to each his or her own. We all have our own interests.

But, I happen to be a Christian, a homeschooler, a total fitness fanatic, a mom to five blessings, a patriot and many more things. As such I will be blogging about all of the above and probably more here. The scroll wheel is a great tool. If something is posted that just doesn't interest a reader, scroll on offense will be taken, honestly I'll never even know!

I will no longer be maintaining my cooking blog. I will keep it up as that is where most of my personal recipes are stored. But in the future if I come across a recipe or cooking site I want to share, it will be posted here along with the occasional fitness review or tips and an array of homeschooling related items.

I hope as a result I will be posting here more frequently.

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