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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mother Knows Best

After watching the films in my previous posts, I became sure that my mother was right, and Aspartame was evil stuff. I now sure wish I would have listened to her all those years ago. The other substance my mother used to nag me about was MSG. Again, I was never convinced until watching those movies already mentioned, as well as THIS ONE:

I honestly don't remember if this one named MSG specifically, but it was a combination of the movies already listed as well as this that convinced me my bizarre health symptoms were from substances in my food. To this day I don't know whether it is the MSG or the Aspartame that I am reacting to or both. But I do know without them, I no longer have symptoms, and other symptoms I never even related to these substances are now gone!

See, my drinks not only contained Aspartame, they contained MSG as well. MSG is in EVERYTHING, or nearly everything. And those who put this substance in their food stuff are VERY sneaky about it. It wont always say MSG or even monosodium glutamate.

I wonder why they are so sneaky about it? Why don't they just label it as it is, rather than sneaking it under hidden names?

Here is a GREAT website that has tons of information on this toxic substance as well as lists of the hidden names, and just about anything else you could ever want or need to know on the subject: TRUTH IN LABELING. They are also really friendly and helpful if you email them with questions. They helped me to find the hidden MSG in a "health" shake I consume and was reacting to, but couldn't find the MSG or Aspartame in the ingredient list. It was surely in there, just under one of the many hidden names.

Later I will share the other symptoms that I had that I had lived with for years, that I never even would have thought had anything to do with any of this, that all have miraculously disappeared since I gave up foods containing these substances. I will also share what medication I have been able to give up for the first time in over 30 years since stopping eating foods that contain MSG or Aspartame. I will share ideas on how to avoid these substances and more.

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