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Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Big Light Bulb Moment.

Yesterday I was sharing my bizarre health symptoms and how I was able to link them to my favorite calorie free beverages. I didn't know for sure what it was in them that was causing the symptoms. I was assuming it was the caffeine. Perhaps I was overdosing myself on caffeine. I checked the milligrams I was consuming per day with the recommended amounts and it was a bit over, so for that time being I was sure that was the issue.

A few days later SWEET MISERY arrived from Netflix.
I honestly don't recall why I had it in my queue to begin with, I had originally thought it was about GMO foods, and was a little disappointed that it was on Aspartame.

My disappointment quickly faded! As I watched this documentary I quickly realized that BOTH the drinks I was consuming that caused these symptoms I was having had Aspartame! People in this film talked about symptoms VERY similar to mine. All of a sudden it all made sense. I HIGHLY recommend this movie for all, whether or not you think you are having symptoms related to Aspartame and similar substances. It is VERY eye opening in many other ways. I was shocked and angered as I learned more about how this product actually got approved and how it had great difficulty getting approved at first, and of all the noted side effects and diseases caused by using this product. Yet, we are constantly being assured it is safe to use.

Feeling I found my answer, I quickly purchased the follow up; SWEET REMEDY.

I was unable to find it on Netflix, so I purchased it as I really felt so strongly that this was my answer! This film was even more enlightening as it touched on even more toxic food substances like GMO's and MSG.

I feel both these films are worth watching, but if I could only see one, it would probably be the second one as it went into more depth on the dangers of many of these food additives, and some of the politics behind keeping these dangerous substances on the market while keeping safer, natural sweeteners off the shelves.

I wish I could say the Aspartame was my full and complete answer on my health issues, but it wasn't. While these films opened my eyes and helped me to start to narrow down what substance(s) are a concern for me, it just scratched the surface. But they did get me looking into all of this a bit more.

I will share a few other films that have helped me in my search as well as some youtube videos you can view now, and many helpful links to sites on the web. I thought here was a good place to start though, as this was my own personal starting point as well.

Check back in soon for more!

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