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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Symptom Free

I have gone close to a month now avoiding MSG, Aspartame and other harmful ingredients as much as possible. Not surprisingly nearly all my concerning symptoms went away. I expected they would once I narrowed down what was causing them and avoided the substances that were causing them.

What surprised me though were other health concerns that have cleared up that I never related to these substances. Since I was sixteen years old I have suffered from chronic heart burn and acid reflux. I have been on over the counter and prescription meds for close to 30 years. Not one night would pass even on medication that I wouldn't wake up with burning pain and food coming back up my throat into my mouth. I had tried every thing from bland diets, natural remedies and more. NOTHING ever helped. Well, guess what? Since less than a week after giving up foods with toxic substances I am for the first time in close to thirty years off ALL medications for heart burn and acid reflux!

One night about a week ago I made Green Chili Enchilada's for supper. I used natural chicken, organic salsa, organic corn tortillas, canned green chili sauce and natural cheese. Within ten minutes the left side of my face around my lip went numb. I knew everything I used other than the can of sauce was natural and/or organic. So in a frenzy I dug through the trash for that can to look at the ingredient list. Sure enough, not even hidden on the label was the MSG! That night for the first and only time since giving up toxic foods I again experienced heart burn and TERRIBLE acid reflux.

That experience is enough to convince me, that I am on the right path. I also now realize other health issues I just passed off to age or environment or my liking for spicy foods is also related to these toxic food substances. Other symptoms I never would have expected to be related besides the heartburn that are now gone or nearly gone, are allergy type symptoms, fullness in my left ear and menstrual irregularities.

Avoiding this stuff is harder than one might think at first as it is in so many foods. More on this later.....

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