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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Is Causing This?

For many years now, more than twenty at least I have been consuming diet beverages despite many warnings from my mother and others. I never thought I was suffering any of the so called side effects other than an occasional head ache or digestive upset. But certainly nothing that would make me give up a calorie free treat in exchange for the same treat with 200 or more calories! My goodness, I wouldn't want to get fat!

I read all the warnings that drinking such beverages could actually lead to weight gain, and ignored them, as there seemed to be as many disputing that argument.

In the last two years as I have gotten really into fitness, I started consuming protein powders, health shakes, amino supplements and more. Not to mention continuing my 2-3 a day energy drink habit. I mean, I need energy to keep up with these intense workouts, right?

Several months ago, I started having really bizarre symptoms and was convinced I was having either several mini-strokes or developing MS. My left side of my face would get numb, even my brother noticed my mouth drooping. My left hand would go numb and my arm felt heavy and like it was lagging. My speech felt like it was slurred to me, words were hard to form and I was having lots of trouble concentrating, forming and keeping thoughts and just more odd such symptoms.

Now, you'd think I'd go to the Dr. My brother even urged me to after he witnessed one of my "episodes." Those that know me well, know I don't go to the Dr. unless it is an immediate life threatening emergency. Also, over time I noticed these symptoms were most severe after consuming my Energy drink and also a certain Amino supplement that I am fond of.

Once making the connection, I completely stopped all of the above supplements and drinks to kind of test myself to see if this was really what was causing such disturbing symptoms. My symptoms almost completely disappeared within three days. One day I was extra tired and had a big day and drank an Energy Drink. That was the day my brother witnessed my symptoms and the very last day I consumed an Energy Drink. Not only did the numbness occur, but the confusion was the worst ever, so bad in fact, that I actually got lost driving to meet him, because for some reason, I couldn't distinguish my right from my left. I was sure I was making left turns to my destination and was confused to why I was struggling to find where I was going. I eventually got there after several calls to my brother, and didn't realize until the last turn what I had been doing! He told me to make yet another left turn into our final meeting place, and I was outraged when it appeared to be a right to me. Why would my brother screw up the directions so badly? Then all of a sudden it hit me...I was the screw up...I had been making rights rather than lefts the whole time!! I was frightened beyond belief. As a 42 year old woman, who takes pride in how well I educate my children at home and someone who is very physically acute and aware, taking martial arts, yoga and more, I have NEVER had a problem telling my right from my left!!

It was that day I realized something was terribly wrong, and something I had been consuming for years in my quest for health and fitness was causing it.

It was then I started my own research trying to discover exactly what was going on. What I found surprised, shocked, scared and totally outraged me! What was happening to me, had happened and is happening to several others. I did not like the answers I found, on many levels.

Over the next several days, I'd like to share with you what I've discovered and what I am doing to improve my own health and my family's health. I will share links of sites and research I found as well as movies, youtube clips and more.

So, check back very soon as I try and gather everything together in a way that wont overwhelm or bore you. If you have been suffering with strange symptoms or have children who are suffering with hyperactivity, behavior problems, chronic allergies or sickness, be sure to check back in. Hopefully you can find some answers too!

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