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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We've raised chickens more years then I can count and for many years, got new batches of chicks each spring. But for these last few years we haven't gotten any new ones and our older ones quit laying years ago.

I've been paying for organic eggs lately, and even at Costco, the prices are pretty outrageous, especially when I know how cheap and easy it is to raise your own!

So, this last weekend we loaded up the kids and headed to the feed store and bought just under a dozen Rhode Island Reds and Ameracauna's.

Of course, the kitty cat thinks they are her new playthings as she is rarely more than an inch or two away from them. But lucky for them they are headed out into the little house tonight to finish their growing before moving them out in the coop. I just couldn't resist sharing this picture of our Samantha Kitty with her little "friends."

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