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Friday, October 7, 2011

A Homeschool By Any Other Name

I believe I've shared on here in the past the importance of choosing a good name for your homeschool. But just today I was reminded of that as I filled out our yearly affidavit for our state. When I first named our school I had several young children in the home and the name I chose sounded like a cute name for a preschool or grade school. I liked it and it never occurred to me that one day my children may not like that particular name on their high school diplomas.

When I sent our order for my oldest sons diploma to be printed was the first time I realized that name may not be best suited for a high school diploma. I sent it in as such anyway because for twelve years we had filed our affidavits with that name and I was concerned if I chose another and anybody for some reason checked records, there would be no record of our school under any other name.

My son shared his graduation with his best buddy, who also was homeschooled and their diplomas looked very similar, but while his friend had what we thought was a really cool name for their school printed on their diploma, there on ours in BIG, BOLD writing was our preschool sounding name! My son has had to take that diploma, his transcripts and other records to places such as the Navy recruiters office!

Now, the name isn't that bad, but still, it wasn't very grown up or official sounding.

So, today when I once again filed our yearly affidavit, I decided with my next oldest son now in 9th grade, now was an ideal time to make the name change.

Oddly enough, after having all of these years to come up with a new name, we were stumped! Seeing as it will be the name on my sons diploma, I thought best to let him pick. He had no name in mind, all he knew is he didn't want THAT name on his diploma like his big brother had!

We wrote down several ideas and narrowed it down to a few and I let him make the final decision.

I know in some states, you can't change your school name once you pick one, and in others you don't even need a name. Check you local laws and regulations and follow those, but keep in mind what may be a cute idea in your first year or two of homeschooling, may not seem like such a good idea when your child is a high school senior and about to graduate!

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Beloved's Bride said...

In our new state in which we are in we have to chose a name for our school. I am simply stumped but I am glad I read your post so I can make sure that we pick something mature feeling! Thanks for the homeschool advice.