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Monday, October 10, 2011

I LOVE These Record Books!

While I remain a loyal fan and customer of the Well Planned Day Planners for my own planning I recently came across some Student Record Books that I am totally crazy about!

These would be perfect for families that use a variety of homeschooling methods, especially a Charlotte Mason Style or relaxed approach. Even those using a traditional workbook/textbook style will love these.

This year for the first time ever really, I think in our 15+ years of schooling at home, we are using a very traditional worktext program(ACE PACES) but we do SO MUCH MORE than just our book work! My family leads a weekly PE class for local homeschool families, attend AWANA, one child is in Confirmation Classes this year, one is learning ASL, we take art classes, guitar lessons, voice lessons, participate in the church choir, take frequent field trips, volunteer with two well known organizations, and MUCH, MUCH more!

I feel like by just looking at our lesson plans, you don't see much other than our book work. These Record Books take care of that! It is recommended to get one per child and there are places to record service projects, health and fitness, spiritual life, and MORE!

There is room in the back for recording not only what books the child read, but what books were read TO them! We do LOTS of read a louds around here! There is room to record test scores, grades and even awards.

I will definitely be ordering these each year from now on, I only wish I had seen them sooner! Not only are the books great but customer service is AWESOME and shipping at regular rates was lightening FAST! I just love it when I find something new and exciting! Be sure to check them out, there are even samples to view at their SITE!

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