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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


For some reason, my normally easy going, always happy and cheerful twelve year old has turned into a grumbling, whining, complaining, ungrateful child. Why, I don't know. The whole family is stumped trying to find any reasonable explanation for this dramatic change in personality. Not that such an explanation would excuse said behavior, but perhaps, it might explain it.

For our morning devotions we've been using Mother Teresa's Lenten Devotions( Which I HIGHLY recommend for the whole family!) What is so great about this little devotion book is that each day it has a quote by the Blessed Mother Teresa, as well as prayers, a devotion for mom, a story from her life, then practical applications for the children in the forms of "fasting" and "alms giving." These are the true gems of this little book. Examples are fasting from negative attitudes, or complaining. Smiling to those you may not want to smile to, writing down things you have to be grateful for and more!

I kind of expanded on the day we were to write down things we are grateful for, by making the children start their very own "Gratitude Journel." Each day now, I have them write down a minimum of five things they have to be grateful for.

I did this practice long ago for myself when I too, was suffering from a negative attitude and it really did change my perspective as well as my attitude. I am hoping to see similar results in my currently negative child!

For each child I bought a simple composition book for them to use, but I plan on over this weekend to give them time to decorate them and make them their very own special little journals, using the ideas from THIS website.

Here are some examples of what can be done with just a plain composition book, some scraps and a little bit of creativity:

I will post pictures of our special little books once we are finished creating them! I later will also share the results of this experiment/exercise on the currently, chronically negative child!

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Beloved's Bride said...

Looking forward to seeing how the little notebooks will come out!